Magnetic water is an ancient way of relieving inflammation within the body. Find out how you can do so effectively by reading this three parts report.

All water coming out of our taps has a source from a river or a reservoir, whether man made or natural. All water that comes from a natural source has at some point in the river, stream or spring, if you are using spring water, actually come into contact with the earth and the earth’s core.

It is important to know that the earth is actually a large magnet. Gravity is magnetism. We are standing here or sitting here and not flying about in the air because of gravity and the magnetic field that is surrounding the earth. The earth’s core is magnetic and holds a magnetic charge.

When water is underground in the earth, in natural wells for example, it actually absorbs magnetic charge from the earth’s core. Similarly in reservoirs and dams, the same process takes place. Hence in its natural state water is magnetic. So if you drink water straight from a river, it might be very dirty and it might be full of pollutants but it would actually be magnetised. If you were to drink water straight from Buxton spring or Malvern spring (in the U.K), that water would be magnetised too.

When you buy bottled water off the shelves, it is no longer magnetised. When the water is taken away from the natural source for a few days it loses its magnetic charge. Similarly, when water goes through to the water treatment plants for processing, it passes through heavy duty metal pipes which de-magnetise the water. So when the water comes out of your tap it is no longer magnetised. Obviously Mother Nature intended for us to drink magnetised water because there is a wealth of benefits from drinking magnetised water.

Read part 2 for detailed instructions on how to magnetise water.

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