What is an Intuitive Anatomical Medical Diagnosis or a Medical Intuitive Body Scan?

Greta Alexander and Dr Leon Curry, Carolyn Myss and Norman Shealey, all pioneers using medical intuition to accurately diagnosis patients, combining the best of traditional medicine and alternative therapies to create the new mind body soul connection of holistic integrative medicine.

A medical intuitive Body Scan is an assessment of the information from your subtle energy systems. It can help assist in clarifying underlying issues, add a second opinion about your life issues or medical treatment or conditions, and identify what is happening within someone who is not responding well to or is having negative health issues and responses. There are several forms of medical intuitive scans. A medical intuitive scan can present a single perspective or a multi level evaluation since your energy field and bimolecular structures store all things that have happened to you in this life and many that are from past incarnations.

• An Emotional Scan reviews the currents heart’s energy and relates to all present and past emotional issues that are contained in your energy field.

• A Spiritual Scan assesses your Karmic journey: past, present, parallel lives.

• A Physical Scan known in the traditional medical field as an intuitive anatomical medical diagnosis addresses your current physical energy, (every thing that has happened to your body I held in your cellular memory including even the “boo boos” you experienced as a child). A reputable medical intuitive will be able to separate the old physical energy from your current issues and also be able to read your future health issue energy patterns that can occur (like cancer metastasizes et al,) unless corrected by intervention. This scan evaluates the vibrational frequencies in your various physical systems: cells, organs, bones, tissue, etc A healthy body resonates at 68-72 Mhz. You can look up the vibrational frequencies or your body’s organs on the internet.

Medical intuitive can perceive their information can be thru the following:
Clairvoyance is a noun from late 17th century French [clair (clear) & voyant (seeing)] and is defined as a "form of extra-sensory perception". Clairvoyance "is the art of 'seeing' with senses beyond the five. Clairvoyance is often called the 'sixth sense' or ESP. It is the psychic ability or power to see objects, and visions, or to gain information regardless of its distance. The visions may also be in the future, and some times in the past. Clairvoyance is an umbrella term which often refers to telepathy, spiritualism, psychic research, second sight, prophetic visions, and dreams."
Clairaudience "is receiving messages in thought form from another frequency or realm in a normal state of consciousness. It is considered a form of channeling. It is the ability to hear things not audible within normal hearing ranges. Clairaudience may refer not to actual perception of sound, but may instead indicate impressions of the "inner mental ear" similar to the way many people think words without having auditory impressions. But it may also refer to actual perception of sounds such as voices, tones, or noises which are not apparent to other humans or to recording equipment." The intuitive may be “told” about yout issues through their Guides and Universal helpers.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel and capture information through sensations or "clear feeling."
"Clairsentients receive a lot of guidance through their intuition, gut feelings, and hunches and messages through their heart, emotions and physical reactions." Being an empath although informative, is not healthy for the intuitive as it can reek havoc with the readers energy field. If you are a medcial intuitive and an empath, shield yourself from other people’s energy and ask to Know the information in another way.
Claircognizance means clear knowing. A claircognizant knows, without knowing how he knows. According to Doreen Virtue that how "Divine wisdom enters our mind to serve the world."

Another medical intuitive may receive their perceptions from smell, visualizing your energy in their minds eye or actually seeing the organ and its energy. As a Medical intuitive who specializes in intuitive anatomical medical diagnosis, I, like a human MRI or X ray, actually see inside the client's body (either onsite or at a distance) their cells, nerves, bones, tissue, organs and systems to accurately determine the location, extent, and severity of physical problems. Research has noted that a intuitive anatomical intuitive medical diagnosis is actually more accurate that an MRl which has an approximate 70% accuracy rate due to the fact that it only perceives its image from exactly where it is aimed and is restricted to the limited position parameters of the area imaged. An intuitive anatomical medical scan creates a 360 degree virtual view of the specific area AND all the other areas and positions within the condition’s vicinity.

Medical intuitive scans can also provide intuitive information about treatment, procedures, and if medication dosages are inappropriate for patient physical conditions, age level and current body weight (especially prevalent in geriatric medicine and some extensive Cancer regimes). Medical intuition is great for patient advocacy.
Other values of an Intuitive Diagnostic or Anatomical Medical "Body Scan"
• It SAVES TIME! in catastrophic or trauma injury, critical or intensive care or emergency medicine situations.
• It can be performed from a distant location
• Clarifies and identifies critical disease areas or other energy imbalances.
• Finds disease locations, extent and severity in your body from a 360 degree energy view
• Determines the "urgency" and extent of your physical situation.
• Continuously monitors the client condition
• Has no side effects and is non invasive
• The Scan is a detailed physical analysis of what is happening within each client's physical system at all levels -cellular, organs, muscles, skeletal system, etc.,
• Can confirm medical test results
• Can be used in conjunction or in comparison with your current MRIs, PETs, MUGAs, Cat
Scans and X rays
• Provide an alternative medicine assessment
• Can identify areas that have not yet become detectable by traditional medical examinations or testing. This information can assist you in making decisions about your medical treatment, and health care.
• Can provide information about future health issues.

This future integrative medicine focuses on identifying the causes, controlling and directing your mind body connection, by removing and keeping aberrant energy out of your energy field so health issues, disorders or conditions will not manifest into physical dis-ease. Brent Atwater collaborates with and participates in ongoing energy medicine and intuitive diagnostic medical research, and independent case studies with the world's leading doctors, physicians, researchers, scientists, and medical facilities, helping to create evidence based research that documents the bridging of traditional and alternative healthcare into integrative medicine.
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Disclaimer: Brent Atwater collaborates with and participates in ongoing energy medicine and intuitive diagnostic medical research, and independent case studies with the world's leading doctors, physicians, researchers, scientists, and medical facilities, helping to create evidence based research that documents the bridging of traditional and alternative healthcare into integrative medicine. Atwater is not a medical doctor or associated with any branch of medicine. Brent works in Alternative Healing, Healthcare and Medicine - Integrative Medicine. She offers her opinions based on her intuition, and her personal energy healing work, which is not a substitute for medical procedures or treatments. Always consult a physician or trained health care professional concerning any medical problem or condition before undertaking any diet, health related or lifestyle change programs. As in traditional medicine, there are no guarantees with medical intuition, intuitive anatomical medical diagnosis or energy medicine.

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B Brent Atwater, American: 1947- artist, painter, visionary, healer, author and philanthropist.

Brent Atwater is a peer reviewed and respected, documented and published international medical intuitive and distant energy healer who collaborates and works with the worlds leading doctors, researchers and medical facilities. Her work establishes evidence based research that creates and documents the bridging of traditional and alternative healthcare into integrative medicine.

Having successfully licensed her artwork for 30+ years, B. Atwater is one of the contemporary American artists/ painters that is bringing forth a new cultural renaissance by blending her classical artistic training with spirituality and energy merged and infused into paintings.
Brent's award winning art compels and seduces your emotions into a palpable experience with her subject matter; sometimes beautiful or fragile, at times haunting or humorous with attitude, most times healing, inspiring or profound, and always thought provoking!
Her paintings mirror the spirit and soul of her subjects, creating intimacy, personal awareness, and shared experiences within each viewer.
The enticing energy, evocative coloration, and diversified styles of her paintings make Brent's art highly sought after by patrons and collectors around the globe.

Atwater is an art medicine pioneer in the USA by scientifically documenting the healing energy, diagnostic abilities and healing benefits of her healing art- Paintings That Heal™, and Healing Art for Children™.

As a philanthropist, Brent founded the Just Plain Love™ Charitable Trust to benefit Children and other worthwhile causes. She authors and illustrates her Just Plain Love™ Children's Books, that turn negatives of illness into positives!