When you look around at the people that you know have you ever noticed how some people are just naturally more successful than others?

Some people say that those that are more successful in life are just a bit more lucky then those that seem to never get ahead. Then there are others that feel that these people are just born with a personality that makes them overachievers. Let me say that there is some truth to both ways of thinking, however if you're not so lucky and you weren't born an overachiever it does not mean that you cannot be successful.

One great thing about successful people is that they leave a trail for those of us that choose to take a chance and follow. You can compare their lives and you can see a very similar psychological profile immerge from those who are successful. You can learn what they know and you are able to achieve the same level of success that they have achieved. It does not matter how old you are or how much money you earn, what matters is that you are willing to change any of the traits that are holding you back from succeeding.


By studying the profile of a highly successful person one of the first things you will see is an optimistic person. Being an optimistic person does not mean that you see life through "rose colored glasses" what it means is that you can look at almost everything as a new opportunity. For example if you are attempting to get financing for a new upstart business and the bank you have been using for 10 years turns you down, instead of being deflated and feeling rejected the optimist will see it as the bank's loss and a chance to broaden their horizons and see what opportunities a new bank may have for them.


Another trait you will find in a successful person is tenacity. People that succeed in life have this ability to have an idea or vision and go after it. They will never take no for an answer and will keep trying even if the odds are against them succeeding. A good example of this maybe a singer who believes that they have a true gift but no one will give them a chance. So instead of giving up they rent some studio time, cut their own demo and proceed to visit every local radio station. When the DJs all say no, the singer turns around and visits them every week like clockwork until someone finally feels sorry for them and gives them a shot.


Where does this type of personality come from? It comes from a core belief that they are destined to succeed. They have decided that they want more than just the status quo out of life. They believe strongly in their self and their own ability to make thing happen. You will find with successful people that they are always looking for opportunities, they don't wait for them to come to them. People that are less successful have a tendency to see opportunity only after it has passed. This belief system that is found in a successful person makes them unafraid to try things, even if they fail.


When you really examine the psychological profile of a successful person you will see a complex personality. For example, you will find that many of them are big dreamers. They have big ideas and are just waiting to turn them into reality. However they are also realist, they organize their ideas and come up with a logical way to make them happen. Their logic is sound and they usually have educated themselves on the details that they need to know to make whatever they have dreamed up a reality.


People that are successful in life are not afraid to take a chance. They are ready to lay it all on the line and are prepared to live with the consequences whether they are good, bad or indifferent. This type of thinking frees you from worry and doubt and allows you the freedom to go after your dream. Even if the whole idea is a flop these positive thinkers will look at it as a lesson learned and move on to the next idea. Being prepared to deal with the consequences without fear and trepidation is what sets apart the successful.


So the question becomes, "If you are unsuccessful what are you doing wrong and how do you change it?" That is a great question and here is your first step. Take a look at your life, a real honest look at it. What do you see? Do you see bad decision making or perhaps you are too afraid to even make a decision. This type of problem oftentimes leads to miss opportunities that two years down the road you are kicking yourself because of your indecisiveness. Perhaps you see that you have given up to quickly on a dream and did not exhaust every possibility before giving up. This is a shame because you will always wonder about what could have been.


If you have looked at your life and realized that you are really a negative thinker and tend to see everything from a "why not me" place, how do you change so that you can also become highly successful? The truth is that your negative thought process is learned behavior and if you learned bad traits you can certainly learn the traits that you find in successful people. Once you have decided that you are ready to learn a new way of thinking it is easy. You do what all successful business people do, surround yourself with smart people.

LEARN from people that know how to achieve success. Listen to how they think and why they think the way they do. The best source of information comes from those that actually know how to succeed. They can be a wealth of information that can save you from having to learn some of the harder lessons on your own. Learn from both their successes and failures. They can help you steer clear from pitfalls and help you to see when a true opportunity is staring you in the face.

Author's Bio: 

Rebecca Commerford is the owner of www.MapForSuccess.org She is dedicated to improving the lives of people and helping them achieve the success they never thought possible.