What’s Really Stopping You From Finding a Great Job?

Here are my ideas as a career coach about how people stay stuck in not finding a job that utilizes their values, interests and skills.

1. It’s often because of low self-esteem. No one yet has devised a self-esteem meter,
to measure exactly what good self-esteem is. One measure, though, is to be sure and proud of what you’re good at.

2. Some folks lack job goals. Others inflate what they can do, while others flounder by taking what comes along. What you’re good at and a job goal go together. They are unbeatable.

3. Often poor inter-personal skills affect the job seeker. A job search is a kind of test about what you really are. It should not be a chore that shows your narcissism to others. The job search includes others.

4. Persistence wins. You might not get everything you want in a job. Even a fair job can be made into something good for you.

5. Having fun while looking for a job can be done. It doesn’t have to be complete tedium to go on interviews, talk to people, answer ads; all of the necessary chores in finding a job. Often, when you are having more fun, a direction will come to you that is more than you could imagine when you first started looking for a job.

Author's Bio: 

Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
Certified Career & Job Transition Coach
E-mail: doitnow@nwinfo.net
Cell phone: (509) 307-2396