If you want to be rich, you have to think and act like rich people. If you think and act like rich people you are more likely to become a rich person. At the same time, if you think and act like a poor person then you will become poor.

Each of us has a personal money blueprint that is already ingrained in your subconscious mind. This inner money blueprint dictates how you will fare with regards to money. Even if you know all the tricks to earning money, your inner money blueprint could prevent you from becoming a millionaire. How? Your inner money blueprint may be that money is only for evil people and/or that making a million dollars is too hard and unachievable.

Your inner money blueprint is similar to your air-conditioning system. For example, if you set the thermostat to 72 degrees, it will kick in if the temperature rises above or below 72 degrees. Your inner money blueprint is your financial thermostat of 72 degrees.

The only way to permanently change the temperature is to change the temperature of the thermostat. The only way to change your financial outlook is to change your inner money blueprint thermostat.

We are taught how to deal with money from a very early age. We observe our parents and take on their beliefs and actions. We learn at school and through our society how to view money. We took these lessons at face value and implanted them in our subconscious. Most people have never taken the time to examine why they have certain beliefs about money.

You have to change your set point for your money. You have to change your financial thermostat. This is only way to earn more money and keep that money. Think about how many people have made millions only to lose it all within two years. They went back to their original inner money blueprint. They need to change their financial thermostat to a higher level if they want to keep the millions they earn.

We have all been trained to have a certain understanding of how business works. For example, many people keep trying strategies that haven’t worked. They figure that if they do more of the same technique it will work eventually. This is not the case. They are using the same thought process. Instead, they need to change their thought process and how they approach a problem.

What is your inner money blueprint? At what temperature is your financial thermostat set?

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