Guru is always there, everywhere. But are we available to Guru?Are we ready to lose the borrowed knowledge, Ego and our desires?All traditions of the world say it’s Guru who finds the disciple. Guru already knows about disciple, so many lives they have traveled together. Guru traces the disciple among countless souls and whole existence participates in this divine game.

But our ego stops Guru from coming closer to us. nothing else to do, Guru silently waits for flower inside our heart to blossom and one day when fragrance of that flower start filling the air. Guru appear from no where and prepare us to be offered to divine. that is the whole mystery and this can happen any moment. Physically disciple could be close to Master but disciple's heart does not communicate with Master. Only heart understands the language of love. The Master knows no other Language than Love. In fact, the Master is sheer love and nothing else.What ever comes from Master, it’s out of love and is pure love.

Once Babaji was meditating with his disciples. Suddenly Babaji picked up one burning piece of wood and touched the arm of one of his disciples. The disciple shrieked with pain. Maitreya - a very close disciple of Babaji could not tolerate this barbarous act and questioned Babaji. Babaji said as per his karmas his time had come to die with fire burns, but now not only his suffering is reduced, he can continue his spiritual practice in this body only.

All the eastern religions say “There are many awakened souls always in this world but not all can become a Guru or Master”. The Master is one who has the chance to merge with existence for ever but still out of love or compassion, the master stops at the last step and come back to world to share his experience. The desire which brought back the master to our world is to take away many more souls along the final journey.

In Buddhism, there is a story which says Gautam Buddha is still waiting at kingdom of heaven. Shakya Muni (Buddha) is refusing to enter inside heaven just for us. Buddha says he will not enter inside heaven unless the whole existence becomes enlightened. This is sheer compassion. Compassion is another name for Shakya Muni.
Somehow great souls like Gautam Buddha, Ramakrishna, Gurdjieff, Christ, Osho, Krishna, Babaji keep one desire with them so that they can work with their loved ones, who understands them and are ready to risk everything. Ramakrishna used food as his last attachment with this world. Some time “this desire to help us” act as their last desire which binds them with our mundane world.

Guru is more eager to meet disciple than disciple is to meet Guru. But the Guru is no more a doer, all effort and doing had dropped long ago. The moment Mind is dropped, all doing is stopped. No matter how much the Guru desires to help us. He can only wait for our willingness to cooperate. Love for us is so much that the Guru stops at the last step and comes back.

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The disciple's mind says many times that the Master is very hard. But how can a Master be hard to anyone. Master is pure love. It’s just that we need a shock to come out from our sleep. And who wants to wake up from his sleep? Ouspensky, chief disciple of Gurdjieff had written one book with this name, “The man who disturbed my sleep”.

In the Kriya Yoga tradition, once Babaji was working with his very close group of disciples. It was a secluded place. Suddenly from no where and to every one surprise one man found them. The Master always attracts sincere seekers. Its such a strong pull that place and time are immaterial. The man asked his Beloved Babaji to initiate him as his disciple or he will commit suicide.
To everyone's surprise Babaji told him bluntly to go on and commit suicide.The very next moment the man jumped from the hill. Words from Master are like command for a real disciple.Babaji then asked his disciples to bring the dead man's body and he was brought back to life by Babaji. Later Babaji told that because of past life karma he had to die once. Eventually that seeker became a very close disciple of Babaji.The meaning of Initiation is simply that; now its master's responsibility to take us to the other shore.

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