She said yes when you asked her to go out with you. You both are excited, the mood is set and it is the beginning of a new, special and romantic relationship. The initial period of the first year is special because both, the guy and the girl, get to discover each other. Six months down the line both know each other pretty well.

By the end of that year, the strength of the relationship is established and so is the quality of the partner. A woman will know if her man is uncaring.

That's why in the first year, it is important for men to watch their behaviour. He shouldn't set her expectations too high, and he shouldn't try to fit her mould of the perfect boyfriend. But men will always be men and somewhere down the line they go wrong and make mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes that men make in that most critical year.

Saying I love you too often

These three little words should be said only when a guy means it. Otherwise they become meaningless. Yes, women long to hear it, but at the same time if it is overused, it will jade. He should save it for very rare occasions; make her beg for them. And only say these when he really, really means it.

Forgiving all her mistakes

A woman is normally on her best behaviour during the first year, but he shouldn't let her annoying habits slide away, otherwise she will get used to these habits. He should tell her what irritates him and should never tolerate annoying behaviour, such as screaming at him or making fun of him in public. If he sweeps it all under the carpet, it will blow up eventually.

Always initiating sex

A man should show initiative chiefly outside the bedroom. When it comes to sex, it should be an equal game. He shouldn't let the burden of starting sex fall entirely on him.

Taking her for granted

One or the biggest traps men fall into is getting too comfortable with a woman. He stops taking her out on dates. He no longer cares about how she looks and stops being attentive, ignoring details about her. If his woman is special to him, he should show it and always treat her like it's their first month together and not take her for granted.

Avoiding confrontation

Communication is the key to solving problems, so if he avoids talking about them, they'll only get bigger. A small argument now is much better than a painful fight later. Avoiding confrontation also means agreeing with her dismissively.

Letting her make all plans

Not only do women dislike men who can't take initiative, they actually hate taking it themselves. Shirking all decisions does display respect or an easy-going attitude. It shows a lack of concern. He should go ahead and choose what to eat, where he goes and what he wears. There's a fme line between compromise and indecisiveness.

If all these mistakes are avoided the relation can blossom into a long lasting understanding that will always bind both of them together. So guys, try to avoid making these mistakes so that your girl is happy.

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