Whitetail deer hunting has been a popular sport of hunters for countless years. However, if you are a novice, you should read this article for valuable whitetail deer hunting tips.

The whitetail deer is a medium sized deer found throughout Canada, Mexico, Peru, and most of the U.S., with the exception of Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, and California. When deer populations rise they can cause massive damage to crops, and a large number of vehicle fatalities, which is why it is important for hunters to keep the population regulated.

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The best whitetail deer hunting tips will be made by yourself over time, but these tips will help you during your whitetail hunting times:

Scout - Every hunting area and terrain is different, and you need to know the land before you head off to find the monster whitetail. Go out during the day and look for paths which look like they were cleared by deer, tracks, and look for any whitetail deer markings on the ground or trees. Bucks like to rub their antlers on the bark of trees, this is easy to spot. Also look for water and food sources. Whitetail deer will stay wherever the can find their food. If you have a GPS device, you can mark these areas.
Practice Shooting - It doesn't matter if you hunt whitetail deer with a bow, rifle, or shotgun, you need to target practice. Nothing will compare to an actual deer, but target practicing will definitely give you an edge and it's always good to make sure your rifle scope is set correctly.
Start Early - Whitetail deer are generally more active and move around sunrise and sunset. This doesn't mean you won't see a whitetail during the day, but alot of bucks I've taken down have been during those times. If you hunt from a tree stand, I recommend getting up the tree and set up 30 minted before sunrise.
Quite and Still - It's important to remain quite and still when hunting for whitetail deer. You never know when that monster buck will walk up to you, and all it takes is a cough or ruffle of your clothes to scare him away. If you need to move, take a close look around you to make sure there are no whitetail nearby.
Visibility - If you hunt from a stationary position, such as a tripod, or tree stand, you need to have good visibility around you. If you don't, you won't be able to get a clear shot off and you might as well find another spot. Always bring a small handsaw with you, oftentimes clearing branches away will give you added visibility.
These are just a few tips for hunting whitetail deer. Just be patient, safe, and have fun!

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