Something I find myself talking about often is the relationship between making choices and taking responsibility for those choices. I like to use an aspect of the Law of Attraction in my explanation called the law of self-determination.

I should disclose that I love the law of self-determination. It’s at the foundation of my work helping people build self-confidence because it’s all about coming fully into our own power. This law says that ONLY YOU determine what flows to you. YOU are the architect of your life. No one and no thing can assert into your experience that to which you are not a vibrational match. Heavy stuff, isn’t it?

Sometimes people stop here because the idea of being solely and fully responsible for our own lives is scary. To look around at the things we are not satisfied with and have no one but ourselves to blame can feel bad. Nobody wants to feel bad. We want to feel good. And that is where I see the beauty in the law of self-determination. Responsibility is full of freedom. If I created something, and I don’t like it, I get to change it. That feels great! So I’m glad that no one else is responsible, because I don’t have to worry about convincing them to change it. I can just change it myself.

Although, many of us were originally taught to think otherwise, the reality is that no one creates in your reality and you don’t create anyone else’s reality. Each of us creates all of our own reality. It’s terrific news because it’s the foundation for intentionally creating the life we dream of having.

My advice is to first and foremost, embrace this law and consider being grateful for the freedom you have for self-determination. Sometimes responsibility can feel scary but your true power lies in taking full responsibility for your life. Use gratitude as a barometer for determining what you want more of and what you will allow to flow to you. When you focus on what you appreciate, you are creating more of that, no matter what other people are thinking, feeling, and doing.

Enjoy your choice and freedom in every moment!


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