Have you been Criticised?

Did someone criticise you?
Was he a close person?
Do you feel bad about yourself?

If I were you..... I would have not felt bad, simply because the person who criticized you is the one who is in need of help.

Why Are Some People So Critical?

A normal Human being should have a balanced behaviour, it not uncommon for someone to criticise someone else or to be sarcastic for one or two times a week, but when the critical comments starts to flood everyone surrounding him and when his sarcastic behaviour becomes directed to the purpose of hurting those people then this person is in real need for help. Are you wondering why? Here are the answers:

* Criticism And Anger:Have you ever watched your negative thoughts while being angry? If you did then most probably you already noticed that you were so critical to everyone and to everything. When we become angry we tend to become overly critical and sarcastic, but I am not talking about the short bursts of anger that visit us each now and then, am talking about anger that is carried inwards, am talking about anger that accompanies us in every moment that we live, i am talking about people who are haunted by anger. People with unmet goals, people who were emotionally abused and people with violated rights may end up being angry at everything. They live a miserable life and curse everyone they find in their way as if others carry part of the blame for what happened to them. Those are the overly critical and the overly sarcastic people you meet in your life.

* Being overly critical and Your Inner Child: Some people are overly critical because this is just how they were treated as children. Whether it was by their parents or colleagues it won’t matter much, what matters is that the child becomes wounded and then carries the wound into his subconscious mind then without noticing this wound makes him overly critical and unbearable to everyone around him. The negative messages that this child constantly received as a child turned into a way of thinking that lead him to become an overly critical and sarcastic adult. Not everyone who receives criticism as a child turns to be like that, some people manage to discover what’s right and what’s wrong and then turn to hate those people who were trying to make them become critical persons.

* Criticism and Lack of self confidence: The difference between a confident person and an inferior person is the way of thinking, while the first tends to compliment his actions the second keeps putting himself down. The mind of the person lacking self confidence is usually full of negative messages and that’s why the excess negative messages travels to the other people around him in the form of criticism. The conclusion is, The overly critical person usually lacks self confidence

Are you Still Feeling Bad?

From the few previous paragraphs its clear that the person who always criticizes others is emotionally wounded, lacking self confidence and angry at the whole world.If I were you, I would focus my attention on helping that person who criticized me instead of feeling bad because I was criticized.

How To Help Him?

The hardest part wouldn’t be trying to figure out what to do, the hardest part would be convincing him that he needs help. That person needs to take a quick look at his past in order to find out why is all this hatred and anger haunting his heart, and if he found out the reasons he should then turn this anger into motivation then direct this motivation to fixing the real problem behind his anger instead of directing the anger to innocent people surrounding him.

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