Are you constantly griping? Looking at the bad side of things ultimately makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy: everything goes rotten!

Rememer, you are what you think you are.

Instead of complaining about what you lack, cultivate and appreciate what you do have. Nurturing your attitude so you become a positive person, and appreciating who you are based on your capabilities, will create a positive outcome. Your trip to success depends on the decisions you make. Your task is to envision the situation from a 'selfless' perspective rather than a selfish one. Take responsibility for your actions. If you feel your actions produce negative results, and the outcome is unacceptable, then shift your actions.

As you allow yourself the liberty to change, you also allow yourself the freedom to rise and discover new roads to success. Remember a time or a situation when you faced a moderate degree of challenge. You may have noticed a distinct change in your feelings. As the time drew closer to achieving whatever it was you set out to accomplish, you felt more alive and more aware of your surroundings. Your aliveness and vitality produce pleasurable feelings and is self-encouraging. Your paradigms and emotions reach new peaks and plateaus as you plot your direction with conviction.

When one door, or opportunity, closes another one bangs wide open. It's really good cliche! The opportunity for challenge helps you to grow, change, and take charge of yourself. Working towards a new and exciting goal, or eliminating a non-empowering emotion or habit, empowers you to control your present situation and your life. As your ability to develop a new perspective grows, you put yourself in the driver's seat to greater self-actualization.

Admit it, there are folks in this world that enjoy pissing you off. Maybe it's because they lack direction in life, and attempt to communicate their frustration to you by pushing your anger buttons. They may feel that they have no other way to relieve their pain but to cause you pain. If they resist communicating with you in a positive way, let go of the situation. Give yourself a time frame to decide how long you'll put up with their manipulative behavior. There's no reason to let unwarranted conflict or pain affect your life. Speaking up for yourself is your choice and decision.

Fury and frustration with others will slow you down and block your progress toward success. Making a move to slow down, speed up, or get out of their way by changing your direction, is a positive step forward. Whether your challenge or adversity be facing the situation (or person) or letting go of it, taking action is your opportunity for change and success. Your ability to master your emotions depends on the positive decisions you make. Creating a life of personal fulfillment is based on your inner strength, determination and communication. You won't know where you're going until you start heading in that direction. Direct yourself to the path that provides maximum enjoyment and positive interactions with everyone!

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