Over the last few years, I've had many women tell me that one of the primary reasons they want a partner is for financial relief. They are tired of going at it alone, they want someone to take care of them.

And this concept is not foreign. If you think back to our ancestors, most marriages for women were about survival (both physiologically as well as culturally speaking).

However the desire not only backfires often, it can create a life of hell because it's based on a lie.

Have you ever done something that you felt torn about? When you feel torn it's a sign of internal conflict. Conflict is caused by the desire for something with a belief that there must be a compromise or a price to pay for that desire.

For instance, have you ever been with a partner out of survival needs?

I've had many women (my mother included) stay in relationship simply because they thought they couldn't survive financially without it.

And there are men too. There are men who are supported entirely by their mates.

While there is nothing wrong with receiving love (in the form of financial support) from your mate, counting on another as your Source of well-being is a fear-based and thus erroneous belief. The reason why many pursue lovers only because of finances is that it comes from a belief that you can't have both love and money. It gives your power away to another person rather than to the Source that is within you.

For women especially, abundance is a natural side-effect of the divine feminine. In Lynn Twist's The Soul of Money, Twist tells the story of her visit to a desert village in Senegal where the local oasis was drying up. Shortly after her arrival, the men of the small Muslim village explained that if more water could not be obtained, the tribe would have no choice but to leave the place they regarded as their spiritual home. Twist and her team then met with the village women, who believed there was an underground lake beneath their feet. They had seen it in visions, but could not convince the men. Twist and her team persuaded the men that there would be no harm in letting the women dig. Indeed there was a lake underneath them! 17 villages in the area now have access to the water.

So how do you know if you're giving away your power?

You'll know if you don't feel good, if you feel like people outside of you control your happiness and well-being. If so, it's time to get your power back! While you may not be able to change a belief overnight, you can start to empower yourself in baby steps.

Here are a few fun keys.

1. Start to see the abundance that is already in your life. Plant something (there is nothing like the magic of nature to show how easily things can grow). Money does in fact, start off growing on trees.

2. Pick fruit from a tree. If you're in a climate that has fruiting trees, there is nothing like seeing the abundance of fruit to remind you that there is always plenty.

3. Write an appreciation list of all the things in your life currently that make you feel wealthy and watch more come in!

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