Before we talk about HIIT Training, what if I told you that all you knew about weight loss through exercise was wrong? In fact, not only wrong but would gain you weight over time? So what exercise is so ineffective for weight loss? If your first thought was in a crowded gym, pounding a treadmill for hours until you roll off the end of it, well done.

Unfortunately the massive majority truly believes this is the way to becoming lean. If you ever need any proof of this, head down to your gym just after work. You will see a bunch of people lined up next each other, sweating like crazy as they do steady state aerobic training on a treadmill, stationary bike or any similar device

Ok, before I get shot down by a multitude of health professionals and personal trainers, I am by no means saying that aerobic exercise is bad for you, exactly the opposite in fact, it's really good for you. However if your aim of exercising is to lose weight, its probably the least effective method for doing so.

But how can this be? When you finish running on the treadmill it always tells you how many calories you burnt during your run? Exercise is tiring; surely we must be losing weight? Well unfortunately not, research suggests that after aerobic exercise our fat burning capacity is actually lowered, resulting in an almost negligible amount of weight lost. And the scary addition to this is that the more aerobic workouts we do, the more resistance our body will have to losing any fat.

So if aerobic training is the pea shooter of weight loss, let me introduce you to the cannon.

Interval Training has completely the opposite effect on our bodies. After a Interval Training workout your body turn into a 'fat burning' mode which can last up to 48 hours after you did the exercise. Not only does it burn fat immediately after your workout, it also starts changing your body to burn fat more efficiently 'all of the time'. Your muscles start needing more energy and the body chooses to send fat there to be used up instead of to your belly or thighs to be stored. The more Interval Training you do, the more your body tends to do this.

HIIT Training is not easy, but quite simply it is the best way of losing body fat. If you have tried running on a treadmill with no effect, give this a go. Start slow and build up through a few weeks and you will see dramatic improvements in your body.

Author's Bio: 

Greg McKenzie is as avid participator in HIIT and is a regular writer of articles on HIIT and Interval Training.