Does your partner sometimes make you a bit crazy with the choices they make? Could be they are looking thru a different lens than you, one that makes sense to them but could leave you scratching your head in wonder!

Our personal nature not only impacts the way we see the world but how we choose our partners and how we make decisions…

Your personal nature is your way of viewing the world. It’s the difference between being right brain dominant versus having left brain dominant traits. Another way of expressing this is having a nature that either leans towards the creative or leans towards a structured and logical way of thinking.

Imagine a line that now expands from the creative to the structured-logical. We all sit somewhere on this line. Where we sit depends on our habits, patterns and beliefs. Considering your own nature, do you know where you are on this line? The closer to the center of the line we are, the easier both money and life becomes.

We seek balance….
We unconsciously seek balance within our personal nature. We do this in a number of ways; either we’ll form a business partnership or marry our equal and opposite. This is also one of the reasons statistics show that money related issues can be high on the relationship buster scale.

If you aren't aware of the concept of your personal nature then you might have difficulty understanding why your partner makes the choices they make and could drive you a bit crazy, especially when it comes to handling money.

As we pursue balance, we may be drawn to a profession where our clients are equal and opposite to us such as an accountant who is more on the structured side of the line but chooses to work with clients who are entrepreneurial and creative individuals. By the same token the creative clients will look for a more structured person to help with their money portfolio. The accountant might wonder why his clients just can't get their act together and his clients might be frustrated with his constant requests for accurate information and find him a bit boring to boot!

Structured logical nature ….
If your nature is structured and logical, then celebrate the gifts that this brings. While you may have difficulty thinking outside of the box, you are easily able to find logical solutions to problems and situations. It’s likely you will make safe money choices, such as finding secure employment and devoting resources to a safe retirement account over a long period of time. Most likely you will never have credit issues or need to file a bankruptcy. You will always manage your money well but you may be unable to create a much larger flow of abundance and could possibly live a life which lacks the luster that spontaneity brings. You can learn skills and techniques that will help you become more creative, create new possibilities, and benefit your long-term financial success.

Creative nature…
If you have a creative nature, watch out because you are on a money roller coaster, you can struggle one day and make it big the next and then loose it all again. You love spontaneity, you may make impulsive buying decisions, business decisions or even relationship decisions and you will feel your way through problems sometimes throwing logic out the window.

You are chock full of brilliant creative ideas but bringing them to fruition could be challenging. You may feel judged when it comes to managing your money because you have a tendency to buy impulsively. Sometimes your impulsive purchases can become a money drain down the road, such as purchasing a new car on impulse without taking the time to do your research. Yes, I must admit, I’ve done this one myself and it WAS a very costly mistake.

You could experience periods throughout your life of having poor credit because you are a risk taker, you are willing to go sit on the edge because you know this is a place of possibilities and a place you can fly from. While you hit the jackpot when it comes to being a fun-loving, spontaneous and visionary person, putting creative pieces together may be a struggle since you’re missing the logical planning piece. As a consequence you tend to struggle financially. Not to worry, you can learn necessary skills and techniques that will help you anchor your life and ideas into structure and then new possibilities will be born.

Consider where you are on the line. Some of our habits, patterns and beliefs have been inherited from family and others have been developed over time through both positive and difficult life experiences. Ultimately we are more balanced individuals when we uncover the limitations of our personal nature and learn the skills that help us move closer to the center.

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Written by Tracia Larimer, she helps clients understand their money psychology so that they can reduce stress and thrive. She can be reached at or 503-746-8303. Permission to reprint with full attribution © 2013 Tracia Larimer