Why men cheat on women, are in most cases different to the reasons a woman would choose to have an affair.

You are about to discover the five hidden reasons why men cheat. As a preamble I would state that, absolutely none of the following reasons justify the affair, however, they are the reasons why men do cheat on women.

Having a better and clearer understanding of the inner workings of a man's potentially unfaithful mind can help you in preventing the hurtful and often traumatic event in your relationship.

Driven by caveman instincts - While on a superficial level men have evolved from their hairy caveman days, the basic instincts have barely changed since the days of being hunters with clubs! For thousands of years a man's job was to procreate as much as possible. Although in our current times of over population and the cultural structure of one man for one woman is accepted, at least in theory by men, the genetic and primal instincts of the "hunter" in a man often drives them back to giving in to those urges.

The "high" of a challenge - From a young age, men love a challenge. From board games to computer games, most are centered around conquering and winning. In adult life, the ability and wit a man uses to get away with cheating on his wife or girlfriend provides a sense of winning or accomplishment. In addition, men love the challenge of finding other women to cheat with. Sure they enjoy the sexual part of the affair, but the sneaking around and pursuit is what really drives the man to be unfaithful. The ability to orchestrate the other woman in his life when then stakes are so high, gives him a buzz.

Stroking the "invisible" male organ - If there is one thing that men love more than their genitals being stroked, is stroking their invisible male member - his ego! The ability for him to find multiple women who want to engage in physical intimacy does wonders for his self esteem. Being able to attract other woman can temporarily blind his sense of right and wrong. However, the desire to reinforce their attractiveness to women which drives them to having affairs stems from a deep rooted lack of self esteem.

The duality of security and excitement - Most relationships after the first few years of passion dwindle down to a mundane regularity of life's struggles. The excitement and passion that once existed is longer there. This can certainly be resolved but requires the active work by both. Most couples fail to do that. However, while the relationship might get rather boring, it provides the important element of comfort and security to both. The man may have an affair to inject the excitement that is missing with his current partner, but at the same is hell bent on keeping it a secret as the fear of destroying the security is too high.

Competition and the wrong crowd - While this reason affects only a minority of men, it still acts as a misguided catalyst to why men cheat. If a man is surrounded by his friends who sleep around with other women, he may subconsciously feel competitive and try and do the same to be "in" with his crowd.

Although there are other more subtle reasons behind why men cheat, the above are the most common ones which lead them astray. None of them justify their unfaithful actions, but are an insight into the causes of his infidelity.

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