In today’s business environment the need and ability to record phone conversations is critical. Whether for staff training or being able to verify information given, call recording provides a secure, impartial and utterly reliable witness to every important phone call. Call recording can also be used to improve customer service, resolve customer disputes, enhance employee productivity and meet legal and contractual call recording obligations.

Large call centres were early adopters of call recording and we are now familiar with the expression ‘this call may be recorded for training or quality control purposes’. Many government organisations are legally bound to record their calls for liability purposes.

Over the past decade, many businesses large and small now employ call recording for a variety of reasons including:

1. Reduced liability - This is the number one reason why most businesses purchase a call recording solution. It allows them to easily resolve disputes and protect themselves with recorded evidence that can provide an impartial record.

2. Improved quality - By recording calls, errors can be detected and often corrected before they become costly mistakes. A call centre employee might mistype customer information, or enter an order for the wrong product colour or quantity. However, by routinely verifying call recordings before shipping, this information could be confirmed or corrected saving considerable money. Not only this, but customer satisfaction is improved. Rather than having to bother the customer, the recording can be reviewed and the mistake corrected without the customer even knowing. Supervisors can also use the call recording software to routinely check calls to make sure proper dialogs are being used and offers made. The results are superior quality, lower cost and increased customer satisfaction.

3. Improved quality - Increased security - The simple presence of a call recording solution on company lines often acts as a deterrent to all types of security breaches or inappropriate employee calls. Such security breaches or inappropriate calls can be detected with the call recording software and then used to either address the problem with the employee or if necessary to act as evidence.

4. Better training - Training and performance reviews are made easier when call recordings are easily available to trainers and managers. Trainers can use the call recording software to search and find calls that exemplify excellent customer service or salesmanship. These can be easily emailed to colleagues as an example or played in a training meeting. Likewise, poor quality calls can be found by managers and sent to the employees that made them to allow them to learn from their mistakes and improve.

5. Sales and marketing data - A call recording gives your sales and marketing departments valuable data that will help them discover exactly what sales techniques or marketing campaigns are working and more importantly, why they are working. A sales manager can use the call recording software to review calls that resulted in successful sales and glean ways to improve the sales dialogues for the entire sales staff. A marketing manager can listen to the same calls and discover what offers are working best, or the reasons customers give for not taking those offers. This helps the marketing department choose the most successful offers and create better offers in the future.

6. Are you asking all the right questions? Having the opportunity to record calls gives you the capability of being able to monitor your customer service levels along with staff performance. This allows your company to have a head start on your competition with the opportunity to continuously improve your service level.

7. Telesales or Lost Sales? Training is easy when you are able to monitor both sides of a telephone conversation on your business telephone systems. Recording calls allows you the benefit of hindsight, giving you the opportunity to assist your team in achieving their goals and improving sales.

8. Making sense of scribbled messages! Do you work away from your office and rely on admin staff to send letters, emails and faxes on your behalf? Save everyone’s time by allowing your PA to record your urgent correspondence that can be typed immediately without the hassle of scribbled messages.

Customer interaction needs to be analysed in order to understand and improve organisational performance. A call recording solution from Liquid Voice enables conversations to be stored as a permanent record and accessed on demand.

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