Let me tell you a story about why we all need a coach. Why we need someone to help us develop the plan and someone who will hold you accountable for working towards that goal.

Most weekday mornings I go to the gym before I head to work. About a year and a half ago I did this and was heading down to work. I used to keep M&M's in my car in case I got hungry going to work or coming home. As I was driving I grabbed a handfull and proceeded to eat them.

I pulled into the parking garage a while later grabbed my stuff and proceeded to walk to my office. I passed many people on the way holding doors, saying "Great Morning", talking about the weather, etc. Walking away several of the people were smiling, almost laughing, as I left them. I was thinking to myself about what a small difference I made in their days. I was feeling good!

Later that morning I was in my office talking to someone and got up from my chair to get something. I looked down and saw what looked like a melted M&M on my chair. I asked the person I was meeting with if I had something on the back of my pants (strange question, but I thought necessary!). Needless to say that person started laughing hysterically.

Turns out I dropped a couple of the M&Ms on my car seat on the way into work. They melted all over the back of my pants (they may not melt in your hands but they sure do melt on your pants!!).

How does this embarrassing story relate to coaching? I thought everything was normal and people were smiling because I was being thoughtful and kind. It turns out I wasn't having the impact I thought I was, they just found my "dirty pants" funny.

Unless you are working with a coach you are somewhat blind to your "dirty pants". You can't see everything that you need to work on. You can't always develop a plan to change because you can't see yourself the way other people do.

Tigers Woods has a coach, shouldn't you find one too?

Make a positive difference in the world today!


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Owner of Power of Positive and professional coach for over 15 years. I am passionate about helping every individual create and meet their own goals.