Your wedding is undoubtedly an event which will change the life of you and your spouse. After your big day you will no longer be single. Instead, you two will become a married couple and start a new life. As a result, you should celebrate your wedding with a special and unique way. You will also try to make it perfect and plan every detail of it with the greatest care. Therefore, you should plan for a destination wedding in order to make the event really special and unique. By planning it you do not only make the event special to you but also special to your guests.

A destination wedding is one that you do not host it in either your or your spouse's place. Instead you will host in virtually any place you like, and most probably in other countries. Of course you also need to consider your budget and other practical issues such as the guests to be invited.

You can choose a place where you have been dreaming of. If you do not choose to host it in another country, you can consider holding in other states. The main concept is that you try to find some alternatives to a traditional church wedding. You have to bear in mind that you are not only choosing a place which attract you, you are also finding a place which will impress your guests and as discussed, you guests will remember your wedding forever.

However, one drawback of such a memorable event is that some of your guests will be missed. It is because you will probably need to prepare for the air tickets and accommodations for the guests and it is quite impossible to have 200 guest in such case, unless you have plenty of budget allocated to transportation and accommodations!

Besides, since it is more difficult to plan for a destination one. It will be certainly an exhaustive planning work. But it should be full of fun at the end of the day. And you should always remind yourself that since there will probably be a limited number of guests, you will be able to enjoy the time being together with your guests. And a destination wedding is usually meant to be an intimate one.

Now you should be excited to start planning for your ultra special and unique event. You should first identify the location you want. If you do not have any concrete idea on this, you can consult a wedding planner and they will certainly give you some constructive advices. You need to plan everything in advance. You also need to choose a place which is safe since you do not want you and your spouse, as well as your guests, to be in danger.

You can have tons of places to choose for your destination wedding, Hawaii, Bali and Phuket are some popular places. You can consult travel agents on transportation and accommodations. You can even have your romantic honeymoon in the destination your choose.

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