Does the thought of making extra money while having fun and doing something that matters to many people appeal to you? Do you have items you no longer want or do you just have the desire to sell something with little effort? Do you want to help others or share great knowledge you possess? If you have these aspirations, you should start your own physical or online business; however, it is best to see how well you do before you quit your job. You will learn the best aspects of owning your own business.

Start your own business to follow your dreams and make a difference. During my first six years in college, I struggled. At one point, my grandmother sent me a study guide. It helped, but only a little because it just talks a lot and does not give strong examples on how to apply the techniques you must use to succeed; therefore, I remained on my own to climb out of my hole. During my last two years in college, I picked up great study habits, raised my grade point average and received a bachelor’s degree in communications.

While wrapping up my college career in 2000, I decided to use the study experience I gained to write an outstanding study guide. I wrote a manuscript and sent it to a few publishers but had no luck. The only way I could sometimes help others do well at school was to give them copies of my study tips. I started being able to follow my dream of teaching the world how to study and make a difference once I started my own online business through my parents’ suggestion in June 2006.

If you have expertise you want to share or you possess skills or products that can help others, open your own local business, tutoring service or online service. If you have good writing skills and want to make money writing a book online without spending money to run a web site or get your book published, you may create free blogs, submit your manuscript to free self-publishing sites and provide a link each time you get an informative, non-promotional article published by a paid article site. If you want to provide your expertise online without charging others for your books or writing articles, provide tips on your blog or let visitors download an E-book you write.

Do you not have expertise to share? If you do not, sell your unwanted items on eBay. You can also do research to find a good drop-shipping site and learn what items you can successfully sell without storing inventory.

You have learned things you can do to follow your dreams, make a difference or make money. Start your own business to make it happen!

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Todd Hicks owns Skill Development Institute, an enterprise that provides a keyboard typing lesson and academic study guide. To become a great typist or student, visit Skill Development Institute.