This economic crisis we are in may end up making you a fortune if you just have the staying power to stay in your home, or the buying power to buy a new home.

The facts are one way or another we have been and are going to spend trillions getting us out of this economic disaster.

Someone down the line is going to have to pay for all this debt we are creating. Someone is going to have to finance this debt.

That means we are going to have to float and sell trillions in government bonds to pay for the trillions we are spending in various stimulus plans and, bailing out the banks and auto makers and who knows what other industries with TARP like programs, good banks, bad banks, and insurance against the bad investments many banks made in the name of greed and pass the buck to the public maneuvers.

At the same time we are instituting a Buy America program, which is not going to make our Chinese and Japanese friends too happy. Guess who usually buys a lot of our bonds.

This whole thing is going to force our government into paying higher and higher interest rates to sell our bonds. This in turn is going to cause our interest expenses to go up substantially as a percentage of our gross domestic product or GDP.

As it always does one thing will lead to another price increase and over a period of time we are going to have a rampant runaway inflation due to all the pump priming and debt floating and money issuing we are doing.

This may be lousy for people living on a fixed income, but if you are a homeowner this is going to be your salvation. The price of your home will go up and up and up with inflation as everything starts to cost more even though it may be worth less. After all this is America. Who could expect any less from the Country that invented credit default swaps?

Within a few short years your $250,000 dollar home may be worth 3 times that or $750,000, and within 5 years who knows the sky’s the limit. You could be a millionaire although that will probably be considered a worthless title as our dollar crashes and becomes worth next to nothing. You will probably need to be a billionaire to really be considered rich and I doubt you can reasonably expect your home to appreciate that much due to inflation.

So now that you see the conundrum we are in maybe you can come up with an alternate solution, but hurry we are running out of time. The biggest giveaway in history is about to take place. Happy day stimulus is here again, and we are all going to pay for it with an economic hangover unlike any we have ever known. Maybe it’s better to live in a virtual reality world where money has no value and all you have to do to own a home is to think about it. You do have an imagination, don’t you? You do know what you want, don’t you? You can dream, can’t you?

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