What if the life of your dreams arrived today?
What if you met the man or woman of your dreams or got that big idea for the book you’ve wanted to write?
Would that be okay?
Would you be ready?

Maybe you’re answering with an enthusiastic “Yes!” and “Bring it on!”
Now just sit with it awhile and wait…..

Are you starting to hear those “yes, but” and “what if” voices starting to creep in.
“Yes, but I’m not ready!” – I haven’t (lost the weight, decided what I want, or whatever).

What is it that gets in the way of us having the things in life that we have dreamt about? Why do we sabotage our progress just as we seem to be so close?

The answer comes down to our beliefs. You see we all have internal “set-points”, also known as our “comfort zone” of what we belief is possible and allowable for us in our lives. Since birth we’ve been taking in information about the world and from that information we’ve formed beliefs about the world and about ourselves. We write these beliefs on the internal walls of our mind and consult them on a regular basis. If a person has beliefs such as these:
"I’m not good with money”
“Rich people are snobs and crooks and I don’t want to be like that”
“Money isn’t spiritual”
“I don’t deserve to be lucky or happy or (fill in the blank) because….”

Any new experience or good fortune we experience we will first consult the writing-on-our-walls to determine how to will handle the situation. And from there we will live within the pre-determined possibilities (and impossibilities) of what’s possible for us.

Here’s the good news – we have the power to change the writing on your walls!!
What we need to do is release those old and outdated beliefs and then “write” some new and empowering beliefs that open you to a life of possibilities.

Start now by taking inventory of some of the beliefs you currently have on the walls of your mind.
Take 15 minutes and write down the first thing that comes to your mind for these sentence starters:
I am…
People are…
Life is….
Money is…

Where do we get these beliefs? Most of the beliefs we have aren’t even ours! Even if we find that much of the writing on our walls is loving and supportive of us – we’ll most likely find old beliefs that have held us back from living our best lives. This is good new! Now that we’re aware of what’s holding us back we can do something about it. We can decide today to do whatever is necessary to release these old beliefs at both the intellectual and the physical level. The great news is there are fabulous tools to help us change these beliefs easily and quickly.

Our dreams are on their way to us at this very moment- make sure your beliefs will allow you to receive all the good that is your’s!

Author's Bio: 

Mary Ayers, PhD is a Momentum Coach who helps people to use the Law of Attraction to live the life they dream of. She is also an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner - EFT rapidly and painlessly releases energy around stuck thoughts that keep us from living at our fullest potential. www.TapIntoAction.com