TOBACCO is one of the few legal substances available in stores as a consumer product, that will kill or harm when used as intended. It is the #1 killer over-the-counter drug the world has ever seen. Why is it we believe there’s enjoyment in something that is literally killing millions of people every year.

Believe me.. no other consumer product in the history of the world has even come close to inflicting this amount of damage on mankind. If anything else of this magnitude was to pose the same threat to life, whether it was human induced or naturally occurring – be it war, terrorist attack, genocide, ethnic cleansing, natural disaster or disease, it would as a rule command immediate international intervention! Think about the current ‘war on terror’ and the Asian Tsunami Disaster. So why isn’t it?

The truth is that smokers LEARN how to smoke from that very first cigarette, they will practice the draw-back and other styles of smoking until they finally achieve that *great smoker* status, I know I’ve been there!

Seriously now, you wouldn’t pour toxic chemicals in to the fuel tank of your car or truck – would you? So why is it we can pour into our bodies over 4000 toxic chemicals with every cigarette. Doesn't make any sense when you think of smoking like that!

Your LIFE has got to be more valuable than your car or truck.

There are dozens of what I call 'Smoker Myths' associated with nicotine addiction, some of them are like this....

Myth#1. "I enjoy smoking, it makes me feel good" ever said something like that, or what about….
Myth#2. "I really enjoy the flavour of tobacco" are you kidding me!!!
(Dog vomit would taste better)
Myth#3. "I'm just soooo stressed out, I need a cigarette"

These Smoker Myths become apart of our smoking culture or belief system.

How many times do you think a non-smoker would make these statements?


So How Do You Quit Smoking?

You simply LEARN to think as a non-smoker, "easy for you", you might be saying but the truth is just that - EASY! Remember, you learnt to use tobacco in the first place – right! I know that are thinking that “this sounds too simple” and you’re right, except it took me over 20 years to work it out!

My name is Colin Williams and it would be an honor to teach you how to destroy the nicotine addiction… forever. I was addicted to nicotine for 35 years. I lost count of how many times I tried to quit smoking. So I know where you’re at and I know how you think as a smoker or tobacco user.

That’s why I can teach you about….

Your Body...the health issues and scientific information you need to know.
Your Victory... know your enemy and how to kill the world’s greatest deception.
Your Bank...the $$$ cost of smoking to you, and who's making the profit?
Your to bury the memory.

The bottom line is this – the nicotine addiction IS NOT your friend, it's a lying parasite that basically wants to kill you. Maybe you should act now!

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Colin Williams is a Quit Smoking Personal Coach and Seminar Presenter. He is the author of ‘Quit Smoking…NOW - It’s Easier Than You Think!’ Colin will give you a battle strategy using a powerful principle that will destroy the nicotine addiction forever. The Step-by-Step Quit Smoking Program outlined has no pills, patches, potions, gums, hypnosis, Zyban or NRT’s. It’s easy, painless and works!