Spoken tapes and lectures, books, and articles are the best motivational tools on the commercial market for self-improvement and productivity. Unfortunately, they are the ONLY tools that attempt to increase productivity, improve attitude, and offer increased vitality.

That is until the inception of Motivational Music, which has taken those motivational themes from the great lecturers and authors of the last decades, and turned those themes into lyrics and music for commercial styles of Top 40 music.

It's been proven: Garbage in. Garbage out. So much of our culture has become what we sing about and watch. And whatever music we hear and whatever we watch, we wind up singing it or acting it out; the words of today’s music industry Top 40 charts and the films of the entertainment industry are just reinforcements for our foul cultural evolution.

Imagine: a music industry that promoted positive lyrics with commercial styles of music. Often we say we don't care about lyrics, and that the lyrics are inconsequential and meaningless. Arguably, words matter. Repeating lyrics, listening to them, and buying the music means that we gradually come to accept the cultural changes, whether good or bad, because what we say or sing goes directly into our subconscious. We behaviorally act out what we ingest. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between when we are kidding or repetitiously singing lyrics, or when we are seriously praying. The subconscious mind just absorbs.

Naturally, not everyone is going to commit the crimes they sing about or see, nor are they going to participate in behavior that they view, but it does change our perceptions and alter our acceptance of those behaviors. Ultimately, if a person has a choice to sing along to a song with lyrics about dedication, commitment, and having a better attitude rather than to sing about negative cultural issues and irresponsibility, which one is going to make a positive difference in that person's life?

I'm betting on the Motivational Music. Elementary schools around the US are betting on it too. Positive efforts to put motivational music in the classrooms of our children as a form of encouragement and improving self worth is a daily event for some teachers as they endlessly search for new tools to aid them in their classrooms. Teachers play a song a day until the children become familiar enough to begin to sing along with the lyrics. The children often choose motivational music over their favorite authors for their daily motivation.

Implementing goal setting, attitude adjustment, and commitment to responsibility are just a few of the target issues. Motivational Music encourages creativity, searching for answers, dreaming big, and determination. With song titles like Tappin?on your Potential, I’m So Full of Dynamite, and Big Dreamin? the music is obviously fun and energetic, with a few that comically challenge thinking about riches and IQ.

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Schahara Suzanne Winter taught English at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, and South Plains College, Levelland, TX. Editor, marketer, and author, she presently coordinates efforts to inform and educate with music from Music Message International.

Motivational Music is available for free at: http://www.mp3.com/rustyhudelson

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