Your probably wondering why such a fit and healthy young lad like me (I wish!), with his bright future ahead of him would be writing about green woodland burials; the way I see it is that sometime in the far-flung future (touch wood) I will be participating in my own burial (as if I have the choice in the matter), but anyway - I see death as a natural process of life and myself personally have no misgivings about the potential happenings of it.

I believe being able to plan and possibly pay for your future burial now, is a sensible decision to make and prevents against your loved ones having to pay for your burial arrangements (which can be very expensive).

I see myself as an eco-conscious sort of fellow and thought how traditional burials would effect the environment when my passing from this world finally arrives; the most modern way of disposing of the body is through cremation, but with all the gases and smoke given off by the burning of the deceased and the casket, I went to investigate a more cleaner and earth friendlier way of burial.

Not long ago I came across an article in a newspaper about “Green Burials” and was very interested by what it had to say, the “Green Burial” or “Woodland Burial” comprises of the deceased being buried in an area of land inside a bio-degradable coffin, which can be made from Hazel or even cardboard, the coffin has no metal attachments such as handles or plaques, as the whole idea of a green burial is that everything has to be easily bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Once the deceased has been laid to rest in the ground, a tree that had been pre-chosen by the then deceased is then planted above the spot where their grave is located, and over the following years the area of land chosen for green burials will eventually turn into woodland or a large forest.

I find the idea of “Woodland Burial” very satisfying and help’s me to know that I am helping to preserve the environment and wildlife when I have left this world.

~ Dave

Author's Bio: 

My name is David Gibson and I live in rural Warwickshire, England. I currently run my own website ( ) on subjects of spirituality, nature and the environment. Since a small child i have always known that i have had an affinity and bond with the earth and have a strong inner spirituality. I have a big interest in Celtic culture and their beliefs and also the belief that the natural energy in this world are linked through spirits.