One of the biggest hurdles women face when starting an online business is convincing family and friends to take them seriously. When you work in your pajamas and have free access to the tv and telephone all day, uneducated individuals may falsely assume you don’t have a “real” job. Here’s how to set the record straight, and get the respect you deserve.

*Take yourself seriously. If you aren’t confident in the decision you’ve made, how can you expect anyone else to have confidence in you? Set up a home office space, set working hours for yourself, and please...ditch those PJ’s! Getting ready for work each morning will set the stage for feeling like your business is a “real” job.

*Have a family meeting and explain that your business is now your job, just like if you had to leave for the office each day...only they are lucky enough to have you around instead! Make sure kids know when you are working, and that they are only to disturb you under important circumstances. (Discuss what these are ahead of time. You never want you kids to feel they can’t interrupt if they really need you.) Make sure you reward young kids for letting you work by treating them to a story or tickle time when the work day is done.

*Make sure you answer your phone during the day in a business manner. This will send the reminder message to those who call that you actually are working, so they won’t be offended if you ask to call them back later.

*When people ask you about your business, make sure you can confidently speak about what you do. Explain how working on online business is different, and go into detail about what you do with your day. Teach those who are curious that you don’t just sit around eating bon bons all day, and they will respect you all the more.

*Be enthusiastic about what you do! Enthusiasm is contagious, and soon all around you will want to know how they can start an online business themselves! Never let someone make you feel as if what you do isn’t important simply because you do it at home. Your attitude is what teaches others about what you do, so let it shine, and be proud! You are creating a future for yourself and your family, while staying at home for everyone’s best interest. And nothing deserves more respect than that!

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