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For a yeast contagion cure you have no further to look than your physician, your pharmacy, or your fridge. All three of these sources can hold just what you need for a great yeast infection cure. If we take our sources one by one, your doctor has the ability to give you prescription medications which can possibly a yeast infection remedy for you. For instance, the prescription drug Diflucan uses only one dose and is supposed to be a particularly efficient yeast infection cure.

Other prescription medicine yeast infection cures include Terazol and Gynazole, both of which are vaginal creams, and also Mycostatin which comes in the form of vaginal tablets or vaginal suppositories.

All of these have side effects which you should be mindful of when Taking them, as do the next set of likely yeast infection cure, the otc variety.

Up until the very early part of the 20 first century it is shameful to admit but there were no over the counter remedies usable as a yeast infection cure. On the contrary, if a woman had a yeast infection she had to call her doctor to get proper medical checkup attention and to acquire a yeast infection cure.

So though the offerings in this department are still sadly meager, they are still there and useable to anyone who doesn't care to publicize to the world, or their doctor, that they have a yeast infection.

Though it is best if you get a proper medical examination for your yeast infection it can’t be denied that with the availability of these creams a new world has opened up, and women can now deal with such a simple problem without any attendant fuss or hoopla.

All the available over-the-counter yeast infection cures work on the same principles as the prescription medicine yeast infection cure, and most of them come in cream form, or suppository form. The more familiar brands include Monistat, Femstat, and Vagistat.

Moving on next to the natural cures and remedies section, you will find that the number of alternate yeast infection remedy methods are too numerousto do more than give an honorable reference here.

To that end only a few of the well known natural yeast contagion cure methods have been mentioned. To begin with we’ll start off with everyone’s favorite the yogurt yeast infection cure. It can be messy in the extreme point to have to utilize yogurt to the vagina, but it turns out that it is well worth the effort.

Another natural yeast infection remedy that is well known and exploited is that of the garlic cure. Being one of the wonder herbs of the world, garlic is good for many an complaint and is a in particular efficient yeast infection cure, especially when exploited as a suppository... to find more in this topic, please check our web site by clicking on our link below...

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