Yes, we can! But what exactly can we do? We all start out with great intention; however, it is the commitment which fades away. President Obama infuses us with new hope; he is a symbol of change. Are you secretly hoping he will inspire you with his gift of oratory to improve your life immediately? And if you wore a tee shirt during the election campaign with the word CHANGE, are you ready to commit to making the necessary changes in your daily life?

The motivating secret of happiness:
Happiness occurs when passion and purpose intersect. First, you have a creative drive; then it becomes your purpose, something you can commit to because it truly resonates for you. The next step is power. You need to power it up, the activation stage! This positions you on the path to self-actualization; you realize that you have a unique contribution to make, even when you face problems, losses and grief. You know you can do it. Creativity whether it is gardening, dancing, singing, cooking, decorating, sewing, running a business or writing, will compensate you for your losses. I call this Creative Compensation. When something destructive happens in your life, restore the balance with creativity.

If you are stuck in life, you must have unfinished business. You are tripping on the sidewalk because you are looking up to the sky instead of being alert to your total environment and walking consciously. Or you might be driving home from work feeling responsible for everyone’s happiness and worrying about your family, unaware of how you got home. Both scenarios mean that you are guilty of self-sabotage. Overwhelmed with responsibilities and perfectionism, you stifle your true identity. When you tighten your loose mind to focus on and experience each moment, instead of becoming distracted with busyness or falling into a negative worry loop, you are more likely discover your passion and purpose.

Use awareness to change:

· Create your world with words. Use words that expand who you are, not shrink who you are. Self-suppression does not equal humility like, “I was just lucky; I’m really not that good;” don’t give yourself a way out.

· Ask for what you want.

· Become passionate about what you want (not ought) to do, which means you lose track of time like a painter who must channel his creativity on the canvass. There is no stopping you when you accomplish for yourself.

· Don’t be smaller than you are and settle for less.

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I'm an author, stress management specialist, and my latest book is "Addicted to Stress: A Woman's 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life" (Wiley, Sept. 2008). Also, I host a weekly radio show and run an educational site where you can learn more about building immunity to feeling bad: