As more people take responsibility for their own well-being, yoga holidays are becoming very popular offering a healthy alternative to lounging on a beach or treading the well-worn tourist circuits

A yoga holiday or retreat can be an ideal introduction to yoga, or a wonderful way to regenerate and build your yoga practice at the same time. For many, both men and women, a yoga holiday is a restful and uplifting break; for others, it’s a life-changing experience. Spending some time with a group of like-minded people who all share the same interest can be a very supportive experience. But how much yoga should be involved before the well-earned break becomes hard work?

You need to decide whether you want an intensive yoga holiday, which will probably involve yoga twice every day and which can be a quite a shock to the system for the uninitiated; or something more relaxed which will leave you more time for other activities and to explore the local culture and history. Whatever you choose, it is best to avoid venues where the number of guests reduces the opportunity for personal instruction. Current thinking is that classes should be no greater than 10 or 12.

Finally, look for an experienced yoga teacher who has a compassionate approach and who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the lesson. Remember, the idea is to be on holiday not an oppressive bootcamp!

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Owner/manager of holistic retreat centre in South-west France,