The anti-ageing industry is probably going to send the mafia after me for revealing this but I guess it would take lots of effort and probably a global awareness program of some sort to convince every consumer to adopt this paradigm shift. They would probably spare me until then.

I have not stopped buying cosmetics or beauty products but I certainly don’t feel guilty if I never quite wear any product for more than a week. I suppose I buy these products more out of curiosity than as a means of retaining my ‘youthful’ looks.

I am no wiz kid in science but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure your way around this subject either. All you need is some basic knowledge about atoms and cells, which are not too hard to remember. Here is what I figured from what was taught in school….

We all know that millions of new cells are formed in our bodies each day, replacing the diminishing ones. Therefore, every organ undergoes a rebirth of sorts, which repeats itself in many cycles throughout our lifetime.

The reproduction of cells is a basic scientific fact that we all have learnt and is easy to recall. So, if your body is producing new cells in every part of your body even as you are reading this post, doesn’t it mean that your body is incapable of growing old?

Have you ever wondered how some people don’t look their age? Well, maybe their youthfulness lies deep within the biological system. I am one such person. I don’t believe that I have to ‘act’ my age just because I fear that the society will not be able to digest it.

In fact, I am not concerned about the society. I feel young at heart and enjoy each day as I did when I was in my teens. When I look into the mirror, I still see the same person I did more than a decade ago.

There are some people who would rather give the credit to my genetic structure but I know that it has everything to do with being aware that there is no reason why I should ‘grow’ older when I am being renewed with thousands of new cells each day!

Those aches and pains that come with age are nothing but your body responding to your thoughts. Each birthday should not implant atoms that remind your subconscious mind of how 'old' you are. Instead, think of how many new cells have found their way into your body and the many more that will be created!

Maybe its time to grab that dusty science texbook (if it still exists) and figure it all out for yourself. Another option, would be to just lie back and ‘age’ gracefully.

As for me, I will take the former option anyday! I love the vibrant hues of youthfulness and the energy and stamina that comes with it. Life will keep you youthful, as long as you want to believe.

Author's Bio: 

Sheeba Riyas is an author,motivational speaker and founder of UToL, the revolutionary scientific personal development platform.

Having studied and researched the complex structures of scientific theories such as the Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics, she is reaching out to thousands of people from all walks of life in an effort to bring out the best in each person.

UToL goes beyond motivation and self development. It reveals the real person within the biological infrastructure that connects one to the Universe.