Finally I’ve found a product – called Roplex – that can help me to have more fulfilment in my love life. It’s an all natural substance and has no known side effects. It’s easy to take and the results are superb.

The name comes from the term ‘roping’, which refers to the ejaculatory contractions that men have during sex.

It all seems to have started in Scandinavia. For several generations, Northern Europeans have been taking an all natural botanical supplement to maximize the amount of ‘ropes’ they experience during orgasms. Obviously, the more ‘ropes’ one experiences, the better the sexual experience.

This product is based on a traditional formula. It is fundamentally a combination of Scandinavian Flower Pollen and Saw Palmetto. And rather than ‘just another rumour I ran across on the internet’, this product has been clinically proven to significantly increase the number of ejaculatory contractions during the male orgasm, increase ejaculate production and decrease recovery time in between orgasms. Additionally, Roplex has been clinically proven to promote a healthy prostate.

It sounds too good to be true. At least that’s what I thought in the beginning, so I decided to do some research.

First, obviously, I wanted to understand how this product works.
Essentially, during a typical male orgasm, the muscles supporting the Vas Deferens (the tube that transports semen from the testicles through the shaft of the penis) contract between four to seven times.

During these contractions, the semen is pumped up through the shaft of the penis, causing an extremely pleasurable experience known as the orgasm.

Roplex works by decreasing the size of the prostate while strengthening the Vas Deferens muscles to increase the amount of ejaculate through the penis during climax. With less prostate pressure, the prostate can work more efficiently to produce semen, thus giving you more voluminous ejaculate. Roplex also stimulates testosterone production allowing for more abundant and powerful orgasms. The ejaculatory contractions (called roping, as I said earlier) increase astronomically.

Specifically, this product claims to produce more powerful, concentrated contractions from beginning of the orgasm to the end, allowing for more overall pleasure.

The increased number of ejaculatory contractions of course leads to more intense orgasms.

Another aspect, that’s nice for both partners, is that there is accelerated recovery time and also a more substantial ejaculate recovery from initial to second ejaculation.

This larger, more voluminous orgasmic release of course gives a better, more enjoyable sensation.

And, last but not least (well, maybe least, but still important!), Roplex can help you to have a healthier and more efficient prostate.

I also found that it doesn’t take forever for Roplex to work, and it doesn’t take a medical degree to administer the compound. Many users notice results after 12 to 14 days. However, I’m told that the best results will be seen after continued use for a 3 month period. The recommended dosage is one tablet each morning with a glass of water.

While it is all natural and listed as a non-prescription dietary supplement (that being the case because it is all natural ingredients) one should approach it just like any other nutritional supplement, and first consult your doctor.

So, maybe Roplex is the key to a more fulfilling love life for many men, and of course for their partners too.

Author's Bio: 

Mike Vincent is a health food and health supplement expert and runs the website Speedy Health . You can find out more about Scandinavian flower pollen at his website and get other health information there.