If you want the best your marriage or relationship can offer, then you need to put your best into it. The amount of energy you give your relationship will determine the degree of passion and its long-term success.

Successful relationships just don’t happen; they happen because both partners treat it with respect, care and thoughtfulness. It’s easy to cut corners in life. We do it all the time. Do you always balance your checkbook to the penny every month? If you take the last of the coffee at work, do you make a new pot? I’m guilty of both of these things – plus much more. However, if we begin to cut corners in our relationships, then we will not see the results we desire.

To avoid short-changing your relationship, always think in terms of the long-term goal and your expressed “want.” Begin to think what it would really feel like not to have what you want in the relationship. Whether it is companionship, intimacy, friendship or a combination of all these things, image how it would feel not to have these things. The resulting feelings of emptiness or loss should be motivation enough to put all your energy and effort into the relationship.

Think of your relationship as a bank. Your job is to make as many daily deposits into this bank as you can. Going by the grocery store to pick up dinner so your partner doesn’t have to do this chore, giving a well-timed compliment, or a gentle neck message are all examples of quality and meaningful deposits. The understanding is you never fill-out a withdrawal slip. It is not your place to demand payment or send a bill. Your deposits should be for the benefit of your partner, only.

If you are diligent about putting time and energy into your relationship and make steady deposits into your relationship’s love bank, you will, on a very natural basis, receive what you want. Remember the basic tenet of the Law of Attraction which states “like attracts like.” You bring love, passion and an unfaltering perseverance to make your relationship the best it can be – and it will!

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