I am sure you have heard all the claims that advertisers make about losing weight, growing hair and getting rich. More often than not none of these schemes work. But here is one fact that does; a habit good or bad can be created in 21 days. Science has shown us that if you do something for 21 days straight it becomes a habit and the longer you stick with it the stronger your habit will become. The reverse is also true in regard to bad habits. If you have a bad habit, make a habit of stopping it. Do it for 21 days and you will have reversed that bad habit. As with good habits, the longer you refrain from your bad habit the greater the likelihood is that you will not take that habit up again. To get you started on your path to making or breaking habits, I have compiled a few tips to put in your habit building arsenal.

1.) Identify the habit you want to make or break. This can be a pretty easy task. Sit quietly and visualize the changes you want to manifest in your life. There be many. Pick only the top 3 or 4. Once you have mastered these habits you can always come back to this process.

2.) Think it and ink it. A goal not written down is nothing but a good intention. Once you have the habit in mind that you want to break. Write it down. Put it someplace that you can see it every day as a reminder.

3.) Make an action plan. It has always been said, “plan your work and work your plan”. This could never be truer in the case of breaking or making habits. Write down the steps that it will take for you to reach your goal and the habits that will propel you there.

4.) Visualize it. I am a firm believer in creative visualization. This is the process of lying or sitting in a quiet comfortable place, getting your self into a relaxed state and then visualizing in your mind your action plan and the results your wish to garner. You may visualize yourself eating good food in smaller portions, going to the gym and working out or not smoking. Visualize yourself being successful with your change of habit in your minds eye. After all, seeing is believing.

5.) Track it. Get a calendar and keep it in front of you. Mark off each day you have made successful steps in your habit making or breaking. Remember, you need to do this 21 consecutive days. If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Simply start over and try again until you are successful. And you will be, I promise.

Think of habits like weeds or beautiful plants. You always start with a seed which is your thought or desire to change. You plant this seed in rich fertile soil; this is your powerful mind. You give your seed water and nutrients; this is in the form of positive thoughts and visualization. In a couple of weeks your seed emerges from the soil extending its leaves, this is you rising to your excellence. Then turn your plant towards the sun and let it thrive. Congratulate yourself. You have just created a new you with a new habit.

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