To get your wedding invitation text or wording correct is very important because wedding invitation wording is what communicates to every guest the place and time they are to join the bride and groom at the wedding.

Wedding invitation wordings must always be clear and neat, because every guest you are inviting should understand what segment of the wedding day they are actually invited to. Some wedding invitation wordings state that a guest is being invited to the ceremony or to the reception or for the whole day. There are some wedding wordings that states only the time and date of the reception.

There is a firm set of rules which goes with neat and clear wedding invitation wordings like church weddings normally have formal wedding invitation wordings. Something's along the lines like "Mr. & Mrs. Brides Parents" in the beginning, "request the honor of" next line, and then handwritten names of the guests, at the marriage of their daughter along with the brides name and then the grooms name, following with "taking place on", date and time clearly mentioned and the wedding venue also stated clearly. Thereafter at the wedding reception venue, the further proceedings are also listed. Response is also expected.

If in case, you do not like the idea of handwriting the guests name into the wedding invitation then you can replace it with the wordings such as "request the honor of your presence" which would be excellent idea. In case, if the wedding is at the residence then the wedding invitation wordings can be somewhat less formal with the wordings which can be like "request the pleasure of your company". With the church wedding invitation wording, you can leave the space to write the names of every guest you will be inviting.

In case if the wedding is being held at the relatives or friends place, then the wedding invitation wording must be very formal. A simple wedding invitation text would be like this: "the pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of, brides name to the grooms name, date & time of the wedding day, at the residence of friends name and the address".

For apparent reasons; if the wedding is being held at your own house; then it should be acknowledged as quickly as possible. This is something you must try to work at to change the wedding invitation wordings or want to add extra card in that envelope. As long as you stick to certain points for your wedding invitation wordings, and you ensure that relevant information is included, then you can happily customize your own wedding invitations.

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