Want to start your home based online business? It's as simple as that. But you have to believe that it is simple. But people think that starting a business is a complicated one, because of their fear psychosis. If we analyze why people are afraid of taking into business and the difficulties of starting a conventional business, it will help us to understand why starting a business in today's world is simple.

Taking into consideration the whole population, only 5% are doing business and the rest 95% are job goers. The 5% includes both top notched industrialists and the petty small business owners. To get it precise only 1% of this five percent is counting among the top class business people. Another 5% are living a luxurious life and 20% are leading a some what comfortable life. The rest among the 5% is finding it difficult to make both ends meet.

These statistics give us the good reason of why people prefer jobs over business. The old thinking that job is a secured one, is still driving us towards job. But in today's high demanding job environment job is not a secured one and you will be fired up if you are not performed. You have to be on your toes always and it has its own side effects on your health. To keep their employees fit and to motivate them to perform well the corporate world is conducting its won relax camp, meditation, yoga classes and simple exercises in-between the working hours, to serve their self interest. In conclusion it is clear that you cannot avoid the ill effects of conventional business by wisely choosing a job over business.

From our childhood we are advised to study well and get a good job so that our life will be happier. Because of this thinking we get into the vicious circle of working for 40+ hours per week till our retirement and making us dependent on social security. After getting a job we begin to chase our dreams in illusion thinking that one day we will be financially free. The hard fact is that you can't become rich through job and ultimately you end up with a debt serving career.

The factors that make starting a conventional business more difficult

We have analyzed that stress and strain, the risk factor and the fear of failure and insecurity are the main reasons for people not opting for business. The following factors of conventional business contribute to the fear psychosis.

You need huge investment
a good place in the commercial area
good products
10 to 15 hours of hard work
government regulations
and the risk factor.
Apart from these our mind set as stated above plays an important role in deciding for job.

Internet opportunities have changed the scenario

A business revolution which took place in 1960s changed people's perception towards business. The Network Marketing concept had taken the corporate world by storm. It enabled even a common man to start his won business through a minimal investment, not over $100 in most cases. But it took almost twenty years for people to recognize it as a viable business alternative. Through network marketing it is easy to start your own business and become financially free. But even after its great success, the skepticism prevents a majority of people from taking to network marketing. The fear psychosis also plays an important role from taking this opportunity. Every year network marketing is creating 30% of the world's millionaires. For the skeptics it will be hard to believe , but it is a fact and a fact to the core.

Using internet for online marketing

With the advent of internet, network marketing took a new avatar. When e-commerce became the buzz word of internet, the network marketing companies jumped into the band wagon and started their own e-commerce business. You can sign up online and sell the products of your company. The company will take care of the shipping ,payment collection and you will be paid for your efforts. The big corporate and the medium to small businesses added online business as one of their promotional mode. To their surprise they found it cost effective as they were able to cut down their over-heads.

Affiliate marketing as an online promotion

The advent of internet has created another way of online marketing known as "Affiliate marketing". Affiliate marketing has become a powerful tool in promoting product/service through online. An affiliate is a person who refers a product/service of a company. If a sales is completed he/she will be paid a commission for making the reference. Unlike the olden days it is easy to start your business through online. You need to have a website and a product . Getting a domain (your website name) and hosting it is much cheaper when compared to starting an offline conventional business. It further requires a minimum investment for advertising cost. As said above you can choose affiliate marketing to get higher sales turnover. To get committed affiliates in to your net you should have a good product/service, good back office support and very generous in giving affiliate commission. If everything is set right, it is assured that you can earn even while you are sleeping.

What about others who have no products of their own?

Simply become an affiliate. In most cases joining an affiliate program is free. Many famous companies, doing business ethically, are offering affiliate programs. Choose the right product and right company and enroll as an affiliate. You can promote your affiliate product through your won website or without website. The choice is yours. If you put your affiliate program on an auto-pilot mode you can also earn even while you are sleeping, as your affiliate company owner. Affiliate program is a win-win partnership. The facts of why starting an online business is easy.

If you are a business owner:

Minimum investment
no huge over heads
easy to manage
over all control from a single place
world wide reach
cost effective promotional tools such as affiliate marketing etc.
option of having online business in addition to your offline conventional business
If you are an affiliate:

no need to have a product of your own
no website is needed. But having your won website has many advantages.
minimum investment on advertisements
good affiliate commission
easy start up just by enrolling for a program
can put your affiliate program on auto-pilot mode
alternate source of income
choose your own time to do the promotional activities
do at your own pace
need not compromise your present job or business

You have plenty of opportunities through online to start your own home based business. Internet is presenting a very good chance for you to become an entrepreneur and change your life style. If you still have skepticism over these facts then nobody can help you. Stress and strain and risk factors are not involved in online opportunity. A true life style is one whereby you can enjoy both time freedom and money freedom.. By the time you would have realized that it is easy to become an online business owner by choosing online network marketing or affiliate program. Why delay? start your online venture immediately and put your first step towards the path of financial freedom.

Author information: Skepticism and fear psychosis are the two main obstacles between you and your financial freedom. Have a burning desire and decide your own destiny.

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Bio:The author,sankarapandian,a successful entrepreneur from IHBO has presented powerful tools to start your online business.Tools for both newbies and seasoned players.

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