Did you know your mind has the power to shape your life? Amazing studies done by colleges and professionals across the country demonstrate that we are only beginning to understand the power of our own mind. These discoveries open up windows of opportunity for us to learn to use our mind to effect our health, success and relationships to create a fulfilling life.
Did you know that meditation decreases your stress levels by 30%? Studies have shown that people who learn a simple technique for relaxing their mind for just a few minutes a day create less lactate ions (stress cells) in their bodies. Lactate ions suppress the immune system and provide a better environment for viruses and infections to flourish. Studies have also shown that meditating on positive thoughts and sensations increase the immune systems ability to fight infections and viruses by 30%. The old adage an apple a day keeps the doctor away is being replaced by 10 peaceful minutes per day.
The effect of your mind on your health is just the beginning. Studies of successful people are indicating common mental qualities such as strong self esteem, the ability to move beyond fear and trusting their intuition. This consistent combination provides the foundation of success. This means that success is not achieved by luck but by our attitudes and frame of mind.
Studies on relationships are also finding common mental factors that play a major role in their survival rate. A couple that fears conflict, lacks personal self esteem or is dissatisfied with their life sets a stage for relationship deterioration. It has also been discovered that people searching for a partner often unconsciously gravitate or attract a partner with the same mental qualities.
The most astounding discovery is that our mind has the power to effect energy. Physicists where doing controlled experiments with atoms and their behavior when they stumbled onto a profound pattern. Depending upon the scientist beliefs about how the atoms would react determined the outcome. When we take a moment to remember our entire world is made of energy the implications are truly astounding. Energy is transmutable that means everything in our lives is transformable. This includes our health, relationships and job situations.
If we choose to create positive change in our lives it starts with shifting our mind. How we focus our thoughts will determine the outcome. The key to creating the life we desire lies in our ability to imagine it and believe in it.

Author's Bio: 

Leianne Wilson is a National Teacher/Speaker and has taught intuitive development and about the amazing power of the mind for over 20 years, highlighted on radio and tv.
She is a well acclaimed counselor, psychic, hypnotherapist and healer. Visit www.wisdomwoods.com or email lifeshaping@wisdomwoods.com