Dreams are gifts from your soul – even nightmares!

Dreams hold the blueprints to your life, your desires, your connection to guides and so much more. Guidance for managing difficult or perplexing situations can often be found in your dreams. Dreams, including nightmares, are the spirit’s world way of communicating important information to us.

The most difficult part of dealing with nightmares can be facing them and trying to strip away the terror that they hold. Remember that nightmares are sending you messages about something that needs to be dealt with in your waking life. Nightmares can reflect unresolved issues on a deep emotional or spiritual level.

Let me tell you a story about a participant at one of my dream workshops that is featured in my new book on dreams, Dream Masters, Change Your Life through the Power of Your Dreams by 1st World Publishing, Fairfield, Iowa (Sept 2007).

She was an elderly woman and her recurring nightmares left her exhausted - physically, emotionally and mentally. This woman had been under psychiatric care for more than three years for these nightmares and the treatment had not’ worked.

Her psychiatrist then encouraged her to attend my dream workshop. He wanted to see if I could provide her with another perspective on her nightmares. I was delighted to learn that a professional was open to the possibility that a clairvoyant could help this lady.

I invited the woman to tell me what was happening in her waking life at the time of the onset of the nightmares. She told me she had just undergone a kidney transplant.

Her doctors told her that the anti-rejection drugs, which she was taking after the surgery, were likely causing the nightmares. Initially, she accepted that explanation, but after being on the drugs for a considerable time, she began to disregard it. (Please note: I do not recommend that you stop taking any prescribed medication due to bad dreams. Rather, I strongly urge you to discuss such a situation with your medical doctor.)

I asked the woman if she knew anything about the person who donated the kidney. She replied that the donor had been a 13-year-old girl. When I asked if she knew the girl’s name or her family’s name, she replied that she did.

As she looked at me, I saw the spirit of a girl beside her. I asked her if the girl had been Aboriginal and she replied: “Yes.”

I told her that the child’s spirit was standing next to her and that she had a message. The spirit told me her name, which I repeated to the class. The elderly woman confirmed the name.

The spirit told me that she had observed the elderly woman suffering since the surgery. She wanted me to tell the woman that she was very happy in the spirit world.

She added that she wanted the woman to let go of her guilt and to enjoy her life again. She said that she would one day meet the woman in the spirit world and they would share stories. The spirit child told the woman to: “Live also for me.”

The elderly woman wept with great release and the class gathered around and hugged her. She said that her tears were tears of joy at hearing the young spirit girl’s message.

In the next class, the woman reported that the nightmares had stopped after the spirit child’s visit that day. She stated that, at last, she felt at peace. She realized that she had been feeling extreme guilt about receiving a kidney from the young girl. She had been having difficulty in coming to terms with the fact that in order for her to live, a young person had to die.

To this day, the woman remains nightmare free.

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Irene is an international clairvoyant, medium, author and speaker. Her new book, “Dream Masters, Change Your Life through the Power of Your Dreams” outlines unique ways to interpret your dreams. Visit www.irenemartina.com

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