You’re only human, of course you want to know what your future holds. And your Spirit Guides—those devoted Beings who are at your side to help you have the life you came to have—know you want to know. But They’ll never foretell your future as if it were set in stone. They won’t because They can’t. They know that the Future isn’t fixed, but is dependent upon choices made now. And not just dependent upon your choices, either.

Every other actor who’s playing a role on the stage of your life—not to mention every other being on the planet—is also making choices. They’re all exercising their Free Will, moving forward or stepping back, saying “yes” to This or “no” to That, creating an unimaginably complex matrix of action we call the Web of Life. This breathtakingly magnificent matrix of interconnected actors is always in motion, always changing, forever creating new possibilities. The future, or What Happens Next in your life, isn’t preordained. It can’t be. Life is a work in progress.

And even if What Happens Next was an absolute set-in-stone certainty (which it’s not), your Guides wouldn’t tell you anyway, for that would violate your Free Will and spoil all the fun you’re having playing the leading role on the stage of your life. (And yes, They assure us—and They’re adamant on this point—we are indeed all having a rollicking good time staring in our own little dramatic comedies, and that we’ll see all our play-acting as marvelously great fun the instant we cross back over the veil, if not before.)

But, while there is no one-and-only, preordained Future for you, there are probabilities about how the next scenes in your life are likely to play out if you and the other actors on your stage continue in your present roles. Just as you might go to a movie and watch the villains and victims play out their parts up on the screen, and then turn and whisper to your companion what you think will happen next, so, too, can your Guides make an educated guess about what is likely to happen next on the stage of your life. Only They have much greater Sight, a much larger perspective. Not only do They discern the emotions, motives and intentions of all the actors, They can also see what’s happening backstage, behind the curtain and beyond your view, while you’re caught up in the action on stage. Their advice can be valuable, indeed.

Your Guides know your Soul’s intentions, what it wished to accomplish in this life, the experiences it came to have. They know the role You wanted to play and how You wanted your script to go, even if the “you” you’ve become here has long since forgotten. So They’ll do what They can to remind you of the Destiny you intended, all the while honoring your Free Will to create whatever destiny you choose through your choices here. They might suggest a change of scenery, new lines for your script, or a more fulfilling role to play.

They’ll definitely warn you of dead-ends and detours, of unforeseen saboteurs or obstacles ahead in your path—anything that could derail the experiences you came to have. Yet remember that these warnings are only probabilities—prophesies given to you so you can take timely action to avoid participating in unpleasant scenes.

A prophecy is a vision of a possible future. It does not reveal the Inevitable. It is a vision of what could come to pass, not what will. Prophecy is given so that you can take timely action to create a different future than the one you’ve been shown. Prophesies, especially dire ones, are never given for you to sit back and do nothing while waiting to see if it “comes true.” Your Guides have no egos that need to be proven “right.” Nor will Their prophesies ever be given so that you’ll have time to “get used to” what you must helplessly accept. Prophecy is given to be acted upon. Any ominous prophecy, in particular, is given so that you can take the actions needed to avoid that potential misery. What you do with what is revealed to you, is, as always, your choice. And it is your choices that create your future.

Prophecy is Given so You Can Take Timely Action To Avoid What is Predicted

No future is inevitable or unavoidable. The only moment that is unavoidable, that IS inevitable, is the Present moment you are experiencing right now. This present moment—this one instant happening right now—is unavoidable, for it’s already here. Whatever is happening right now is already happening. It IS whatever it is and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Five years ago you might have been able to. Maybe even five minutes ago you could have said or done something to change what this present moment would be. But not anymore. It’s here, it’s happening, and you’re already having the experience of whatever it is. Resistance is futile. Wailing and moaning or crying, “Why me?” will not help you deal with it. Nor will denying that What’s Happening Now is actually happening provide any more than just temporary relief, for Denial just pushes the experiencing of What’s Happening Now forward into future moments. This Present moment that you’re experiencing now is inevitable—you’ve already made the choices that brought it to you. But what is Not Inevitable is your Future.

The future is not predestined. No future is inevitable. It’s all created by the choices you make. What happens in your future will be determined by how you choose to respond to What’s Happening Now. If you don’t like What’s Happening Now, then don’t waste an iota of energy in resistance or denial. Instead, turn your thoughts to the question of how best to respond to What’s Happening Now. What response—what words or actions—would be most likely to produce the future scenes that you’d rather be experiencing? Ask the Oracles and heed your Guides. They can help you choose a response that will create a future you truly desire.

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