Everyone defines Personal Growth in his or her own terms. It is amazing how many people refer to it as a journey, while others look at it as an evolution.

I believe Personal Growth encourages proactive learning. Here’s a metaphor to describe it: you can water a plant or wait for it to rain. Each action or reaction has a very different outcome. When you water a plant, you are proactively providing the resource required for its growth. The same concept applies to your life. You can either create the life of your dreams or settle for what you get.

Personal Growth is a personal journey about becoming aware, obtaining knowledge, and learning from every situation in life. It is about being grateful, optimistic, and going after what you want.

There are many ways to experience Personal Growth, such as: attending seminars, reading books, listening to audio programs, watching inspirational movies, having a mentor or coach, spending time with supportive friends, meditating, journaling and especially finding lessons in everyday experiences.

Personal Growth speeds up the process of taking in and absorbing wisdom fully so you don’t have to learn through repeated trial and error. One of the quickest methods to accelerating your Personal Growth is to consider the company you keep: Surround yourself with people who believe in you and will hold you accountable to fulfilling your full potential and living your dreams.

But that’s just my opinion. Here’s what Lew Bronstein, business professional, considers Personal Growth:

Learning something new and applying it each and every day gives meaning and purpose to our lives. Growth is the ability to learn how to take any situation either good or bad and get the most out of it, and then share what you’ve learned from the experience. Making progress in life is about taking responsibility for ourselves and being responsible to others. It is about using past pains as a motivator to embrace future pleasures. In summary it is about our stepping up to the plate of being all we can be and then striving for more!”

How do you define your personal growth? How do you define your personal journey?

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He envisions a world where Personal Growth is common practice and each person living their dreams to their full potential. www.personalgrowth.com