If you start analyzing the things around you, you will come to the conclusion that everything is energy. The whole Universe is made of energy. This energy manifests in different ways and it is moving and constantly changing with different speeds.

If you look at living things, they are created, they grow, they produce other living things, they decline and ultimately they die. But actually nothing is really created. The energy always exists. Something that “existed” changed into something that “is” now. The energy is the same.

You might notice that we humans can observe the changes of the energy. We can see that we grow and that our bodies are changing from childhood to old age. You can also see that you are still the same person. That you are not changing. Only your body is changing. It means that you are different from your body. You are also energy, but higher energy than the energy which your body is composed of.

Many scriptures and philosophers say that we are the soul in the body. The energy is eternal, but the soul unlike the body isn’t changing. The body is always changing and imperceptibly flowing from one stage to another. That is also confirmed by science. All the cells in our bodies are constantly changing. Every few years our bodies have completely new cells.

All energy fields are connected and because the soul (we) is the higher energy by controlling our minds and our thoughts which is also the energy, we can influence the lower energy. By learning about the Law of Attraction, the Science of Manifestation and the energies of the Universe we have the power to change our lives.

We can apply the knowledge to achieve what we want. All the things created by humans were first created mentally. So if you apply the life changing laws of attraction you can create the life you want to have. Of course the law of attraction can’t be taken as an excuse to inactivity or procrastination. Mental creation must be followed by action. Otherwise you can try to attract for a long time and you won’t attract what you want to.

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