So you've decided to have your fairytale winter wedding? Congratulations!

Now comes the one step that will create an ever increasing anticipation in the hearts and minds of the guests you invite. The step of creating, then delivering your invitations, asking family and friends to share your joy and to celebrate with you on your winter wedding day.

Knowing your family and friends are excited and anticipate taking part in your winter wedding will build your own excitement, confidence and make your joy even greater as you move closer to your wedding day.

To ensure that the excitement and anticipation of everyone involved carries right through to your wedding day, the invitations your guests receive will have to stand out and be extra ordinary. They will need more intensity, convey more passion, and be able to create a greater romantic atmosphere for your wedding than the average summer-type invitations.

Since it's a winter wedding, you want your invitations to arouse and inspire romantic feelings and thoughts of freshly falling snow, wintery landscapes, Jack Frost, icicles and sleigh bells. Yes, you want your invitations to produce in your guests the type of thoughts and feelings that caused famous painters like Picasso, Van Gogh and da Vinci to create their masterpieces and works of art.

This is the type of effect you want your invitations to have on your guests. Yes, your invitations should leave them enthusiastically counting down the days....

Sounds good, but where do you begin?

Well, first it's important to determine how much time you have. If you need your invitations completed and sent out by a certain date, then keep this date in mind as you move forward. If you're making the invitations yourself, you can be a little more flexible with your schedule. However, should you decide to have your invitations custom made by professional printers, you will need to give them enough time to get them produced, packaged and sent back to you so that you can deliver them.

But why leave such an important task of conveying your heart, mind and soul in the hands of the printers? This is YOUR dream winter wedding! After the wedding is over and all the guests have gone home, what better reminder and testament of the love you two share than knowing that it was YOUR heart, YOUR mind, YOUR creativity and YOUR invitation inspiration that went into creating your winter wedding invitations, and not some impersonal cookie cutter poetry found on many pre-made invitations.

Yes, after it's all said and done, you'll realize that a little piece of who you are has gone into creating your own masterpiece
of love!

Now, the idea of making your own winter wedding invitations may sound very appealing to you, but when it comes down to it, at this moment, do you have the invitation inspiration to create your own winter wedding masterpiece? I believe everyone, especially those who go against the norm and have a winter wedding must have at least one masterpiece within them. All you need is a little invitation inspiration!

But where do you find such inspiration?

Well, grab your surf board, put on your sunglasses and jump the next wave out onto world wide web! Get online, open up your favorite web browser and do a search specifically on "winter wedding invitations."

For those new to the Internet, do the following...

1) Open up your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc...)

2) In the search box at the top of the page, type the following..."winter wedding invitations" (remember to include the quotation marks)

3) Click "Search"

As you can see, by conducting as search on the phrase "winter wedding invitations," there are literally thousands of pages available to view. So as you view these samples, begin to brainstorm and let your creativity take over as you ponder the exact style of invitation you want to create.

If you don't find anything you like or you're still struggling for inspiration, then your next option could be to spend a day going down to all your local bridal shops, stationary supplies stores, newspaper stands, book stores, printers, libraries etc... and browsing through all the bridal magazines and journals.

Take notice of the various examples of winter wedding invitations. Notice the cool colors, the wintery patterns, the seasonal imagery and the poetic styles. You may see some styles that may not be suited specifically for a winter wedding, but that's ok, what you're trying to do at this point is get the creativity and inspiration juices flowing.

Another way to prime the pump of invitation inspiration is to consider the wedding ceremony venue. If you're having an indoor wedding, take a pen and notepad and go down and have a look at the shape and color of the building. Is it painted with cool, wintery colors? What feelings do you have as you stand inside? The shape of many cathedral style churches have been known to conjure up different types of mental winter imagery.

Or perhaps you're having an outdoor winter wedding? Can you envision the wintery landscape, the gently falling snow or snow flowers? Any of these would look great on your invitations. Do you live in an area where there will be a lot of snow or do you normally have a green Christmas? Being in the open air and listening to the birds sing may also be enough to spur your moment of creative genius.

These are but a few ideas to help stir up your creativity and inspiration. When it's all said and done, the invitations you produce will send chills down the back of your invited guests. Chills not from cold, but from the fact that you we able to capture the heart of the season and they now hold a piece of it in their hands. So as you come upon your moment of invitation inspiration, go with your gut instinct. Let it flow in the joy of the season and let it create a masterpiece of love that reaches out and grips the heart of friends and family alike.

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Calvin and Maria Bailey are authors of the book The Bride’s Guide to Planning a Winter Wedding as well as several wedding related articles. They have been happily married for 21 years and are currently raising 5 children at home.

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