A secret practice developed by Aboriginal tribes almost 40,000 years ago, will take you to states of extremely deep and serene meditation. This method of deep contemplation can help you unlock the process of creating new energy pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain –leading you to a lofty state of mind, scientists call "whole-brain functioning."

This ancient wisdom will also lower your day to day stress levels. It will create remarkable improvements in your psychological and emotional health – even in areas that have you have found to be very resistant. The inner harmony, peace and happiness you will develop are described by people as positively euphoric! You are “high” on life. Your life.

All of this comes to you through an ancient Aboriginal ritual known as the “Deep Trance Meditation,” This melding of ancient tribal rites will accelerate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth in a way that will absolutely astonish you…..and your friends ! You will be peaceful and much more centered.

The ‘Deep Trance Meditation” will:

Take you into a trance like state of very deep meditation;
Boost mindpower and creativity;
Lower stress to almost zero;
Heighten your senses to access new levels of spiritual awareness, blissful inner calm; and, Heal stubborn psychological programming at the subconscious level.

Once upon a time, deep, ecstatic meditation was accessed easily…

The Aboriginals have practiced the art of the “Deep Trance Meditation” for eons… Over 50,000 years to be exact. When the Aboriginals migrated from India to Australia over 40,000 years ago, they brought with them the rich meditational traditions of the East. The oldest tradition being the use of vibrational sound which helped them to access higher dimensions of reality…dimensions not seen, heard or touched in the normal waking state, but could be accessed through deep meditational practices.

They believe that everything in the Universe was vibrating at a higher level than what we currently vibrate and in order for us to raise our level of consciousness, we needed to open up our energy systems to allow more of this higher vibrational force in, thus helping you to function in a higher more spiritual fashion.

From generation to generation, tribal elders have shared the secrets of attaining this state of ultra-deep meditation practice with the younger generation of the tribe, which allowed them access to the same elusive Delta and Theta levels that their forefathers experienced. This primal secret was used to reach untapped and hidden gifts that lay dormant in the subconscious mind. Some of them being advanced thought, blissful states of consciousness and an unshakeable will power.

In 1990, in the middle of the Australian outback, I became aware of this amazing practice of meditation and made a commitment to the Aboriginal elders to make it available to the western world.

I also found that specific sounds and vibrations used in ancient civilizations were used to open up the energy fields in the key meridiun points in the subtle energy body. When these energy centers, which are called chakras, open up, they allow the all pervading universal energy to pour in. If opened using the right sounds and octaves, will create a speed up in bodymind evolution, taking you to a higher state of consciousness.

We also learnt how the brain allowed these same energy patterns to flow up and open the mind to meditative states of consciousness which were not experienced by ordinary people.

Over the next few years, I gathered together didgeridoo players selected for me by the Aboriginal Tribal elders, went into a recording studio, and began making experimental soundtracks to get the right sound and octaves that were held secret for many many generations.

The recordings were nothing short of beyond mind-blowing… When this ancient secret of didgeridoo sound was listened to, with or without stereo headphones – it produced some absolutely mind-blowing experiences (and incredible benefits) for the listener…….Some of these are:

Very deep states of deep delta meditation – these states of meditation are not experienced by many….In fact very few reach these states of ultra deep, blissful meditation.

Brain function; you start to think very clearly. Increases of benefit driven brain chemicals; including the types that make you feel very high on life, like endorphins and other chemicals such as DHEA which are proven to turn back your physiological clocks, increasing longevity and vitality.

How Does This Happen ?…

We are gradually opening key energy centers in your body using the ancient vibrational sounds of the didgeridoo, which when combined in certain octaves and a specific rhythm, have a very powerful vibration in them that unlocks the secret coding of the chakras, helping to unlock the dormant power that lay in them, unleashing talents and abilities you never even knew you possessed. You will absolutely amaze yourself ! …your friends will not recognize you….you will be happier, more peaceful and much more fun to be around !

As your chakras start blossom open, you can expect these benefits…

1- The First Chakra…Is associated with being rooted in the earth. A sense of belonging. Spiritual growth and a deep connection to nature.

2- The Second Chakra…Is associated with intimacy. Healthy loving relationships. Pure and deep sexual union with your partner. The unconscious mind starts to reveal itself… giving you clues as to what subconscious programming needs to be replaced to help you function at a higher level of consciousness.

3- The Third Chakra…is associated with the gaining of Self determination. A feeling of purpose starts to rise. You start to gain insight into your destiny. Your “will power” becomes unshakeable. You will start to manifest your goals much more easily.

4- The Fourth Chakra… is associated with Universal compassion. Unconditional Love. A feeling of limitlessness…. everyone will notice the difference… you will be more loving.

5- The Fifth Chakra… is associated with Creativity. Communication with others is greatly enhanced. Self expression is much more of a flow. Your speech is more clearer, flowing more confidently… in a nutshell, you will be so much more confident.

6- The Sixth Chakra …is associated with a much more developed intuition. You will start to have a clear vision of your own spiritual path. A feeling of advanced knowing will start to overcome you, interspersed with a lofty feeling of transcendence…. You will gain insight into the destiny of mankind.

7- The Seventh Chakra… is associated with a sense of completion. A sense of mysticism, Self realization and frequent flashes of “Enlightenment”. This is the state in which others will be drawn to you, seeking spiritual guidance and healing… you will be magnetically attractive.

The Aborigines said that when these chakras were closed, it caused us to live in a dreamlike and illusionary state.

Meditating with the Aboriginal “Deep Trance Meditation” creates incredible positive changes in mental and emotional health...and virtually eliminates all undesirable subconscious programming - even those stubborn unconscious programs which you are not even aware of.

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