The nine (9) most important things I learned about money that allowed me to go from being a failure around money to a master of it are listed below.

1. Money problems wake us up to our unconscious "self-defeating" beliefs about money.

2. Most people are in denial that they even have a money problem until it is too late.

3. Some people worry themselves sick over money, literally!

4. The hardest working people, often times, make the least amount of money.

5. Some folks are naturally "gifted" at making money while others must train for it.

6. The acceptance of abundance, or lack, of money in our life is a choice we make.

7. Money has no power, at all, except the power we give it.

8. Worry about money is "no confidence" vote in our ability to create it when we need it.

9. Money can be used to control people or inspire and empower people.

Becoming a Money Master
Copyright 2004 Frederick Zappone

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Frederick Zappone is the author of the Money Mastery Reports. If you would you like to create money in abundance, in your life with effortless ease, and eliminate money problems, once and for all, visit his web site for more information.