John Lennon entitled a song "Imagine."
Thoreau once said: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you've imagined."
Neville once said: "Imagination is the very gateway of reality."
Exactly what is all of this talk about "imagination?" Imagination is a redeeming force. It can transform all of the unlovely image making and violence in the world. IMAGINATION IS POWER! And YOU HAVE IT! Your life is fueled by imagination. Anything and everything is possible to an awakened imagination! Therefore you have the power to be anything you dream of being. All great thinkers, artists, healers, and inventors have relied on the Power of Imagination to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Get Out Of The Past & Into The Present!
As you revitalize your connection to the Power Within and capture feelings of well being you will free yourself from fearful, insecure sensations. Since everything in the Universe is connected on a vibrational level, it is vital for you to become aware of your emotional reactions and moods. Your feelings hold the key to unlocking the prison door to the past. Most of your negative emotional moods are the result of what happened to you in previous times. Do you want to live your life chained to a past memory or move into the present moment? Feeling down and depressed can be caused by a media headline, money matters, personal problems, or business ventures. You have the ability to release yourself from what you don't want and replace it with your heart's desire.

Life Is A Banquet
Life is a banquet, so why are so many starving to death with unfulfilled desires? Laziness, complacency, no time, fear of the unknown -- you name it and the excuses line up. It's up to you to change your thinking, and impress your subconscious mind with beneficial images of success. Learning the Principle of Imaging will give you the tools to develop the skills needed for changing the fabric and texture of your life. Doing this allows you to shift from undesirable patterns from your past and feelings of being disempowered into habits that empower you.

Everybody Wants A Better Life
Everybody wants a better life, but if you do the same old things in the same old way you will get the same old results. If a farmer plants corn seeds, he gets corn; he doesn't get tomatoes. If you plant failure, poverty, or violent ideas, it is impossible to harvest success, wealth, or peace. If you want to change the results you are getting, you must change your images and the very thoughts you are thinking, because thought is creative. It takes courage or pain to stop sabotaging yourself and begin to change old mental and emotional habits. How to begin? First you must have a desire for something greater then the outcome of your old habit. You must have a dream. Awareness of being holds the key to letting go of what you don't want, and replacing it with what you desire.

The World
The world is a series of pictures, frames in a piece of film, or states of consciousness. What you are conscious of is real to you because you think and feel it is real. Your world is your very own personal mirror, forever mirroring your thoughts. It is your dream or your nightmare. Your choice! You are the dreamer and dream maker of your life. You are a co-creator with the Power Within. You live in an evolving cosmos, yet the origin of the universe exists in you. You are the operant power in form, capable of riding the waves of bliss and infusing every moment with joy. If your life isn't filled with joy, passion and peace and you want to change it, I encourage you to look at the cause of your experience and begin to function imaginatively.

The Art of Intentional Creation
There is an Art to Intentional Creation and Personal Fulfillment. All you need to help boost your moods and change your experiences is an understanding of how the Power of Imagination makes the achievement of goals and the healing of memory possible. Everything is first created in your own imagination from an idea and then it is projected out into the world as experience. Look out at your world and you will see what ideas you have been thinking upon with feeling! If your experiences aren't fulfilling, or what you had hoped for, then perhaps it is time to awaken your potential and discover the Power Within!

Just Imagine
Imagine connecting to the "Source of All That Is" and creating a millionaire’s mind, attracting your perfect partner, or saving your marriage. Imagine succeeding in business; enjoying better health; increasing self-esteem and self-confidence. Imagine healing emotional wounds and developing successful mental and emotional habits. Imagination has no limits. What you consciously imagine you can experience! Nothing is impossible to imagine.

What Do You Want?
What is your dream or desire? Do you really want to grow and make more of your self? Are you ready to call upon the Source Within and change?

Here are 8 Keys to Fulfilling Your Dream and Achieving Your Goal:

1. Know what you want.
2. Turn within to the Source of All That Is.
3. Focus and Concentrate (the winners companion) on the fulfillment of your desire.
4. Stay in the present moment. The past is over. Choose to nurture a new belief that supports the fulfillment of your dream.
5. Feel you have your wish-fulfilled here and now. Feel your joy and give thanks. A grateful heart propels the Law of Identical Harvest into motion.
6. Learn to become open, receptive and responsive to inner guidance and outer goodness.
7. Acceptance of the wish fulfilled signals harmony between your conscious and subconscious mind.
8.Let go and have faith that the Power Within will support, guide and direct you across a bridge of incident to the fulfillment of your dream.

It is possible for you to master your own powers and start attracting what you really dream of, be it God realization or personal worldly possessions. You can demonstrate unlimited supply and meet all your needs. The Art of Intentional Creation and Personal Fulfillment is an adventure in personal and spiritual growth. It takes God off some pearly white throne and brings heaven down into the here and now. It allows you to depend upon yourself and your relationship to the Power Within. As you learn to feel comfortable dwelling in wonderful, harmonious positive states of mind, you will change your inner mental habits. As you change your emotional patterns the results you attract will go from frustrating to fulfilling outcomes.

Be Creative
It is up to you to unleash the Power of Imagination and become a conscious co-creator! Practicing the Art of Intentional Creation helps you know who you really are and the results of your new awareness will become manifest in your every day life. If you want to create joy, love, success, wealth and peace in the world, create it within yourself first! Re-create yourself and start demonstrating the power of extraordinary thoughts and images. Gandhi once said, " We must be the world we want to create." As you focus on things that feel good to you, you will be creating the most wonderful, joyous life imaginable.

Nothing and No One Can Stop You Except Yourself
Nothing and no one can stop the Power Within. Nothing can stop you if you believe in yourself and use Spiritual Principles on behalf of good. Nothing is impossible to Imagination -- not poverty, stress, and not even adversity. If you are going to imagine anything at all, why waste your time focusing on things you don't want to experience? You are a magnificent, creative, wonderful energy flowing being, in the process of realizing this truth for yourself! The power to create your life the way you want it is in this moment (here and now). The choice is yours! Are you ready to experience real freedom? If so, welcome to your new adventure. Welcome to the present moment and your present memory!

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Melissa Zollo is a recognized authority on the Art of Intentional Creation and Personal Fulfillment. Through her seminars, audio program, and books she inspires people to discover and unleash the Power Within. She is the author of The Present Memory Power of Imagination Audio Program. For more info and a FREE NEWSLETTER, visit or email Melissa at aol users click here