PawMedica is providing top quality vitamins and supplements for dogs to help support a healthy, happy life.

Using professional-grade formula made in the USA, the brand uses no fillers or binders and is part of the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council), ensuring the product is safe. 

Founded by dog owners who adopted their babies from the meat trade in China, the duo is on a mission to arm owners with nutritious supplements to help canines live a better life. For dogs in the meat trade in Asia or in a puppy mill, the company is fighting to spread awareness to stop animal cruelty. The pair found that the majority of the supplements on the market were not transparent with their ingredient list. Many of them came from China, the same country that is known for having a meat trade, where dogs are tortured and killed. PawMedica provides full transparency with all ingredient lists, balancing technology, research, and top quality ingredients to develop the best product for your pet.

Their Mobility+ joint soft chews include glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and hemp, recommended for aging dogs with joint issues, promoting dog mobility and supporting joint flexibility. 

One of the founders says, "86% of humans take some form of dietary supplement to round out their diet. PawMedica believes that dogs deserve human treatment. The brand speaks for the furry friends that can’t speak for themselves to let the humans know that their diet is insufficient for maintaining a happy, active lifestyle into their senior years. The growing trend of home cooked meals comes from good intentions, but can often lead to malnutrition with dogs. PawMedica aims to educate dog owners and supplement their dog’s diet. Just because dogs can’t talk, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a voice. PawMedica wants to ensure dogs get a well-rounded diet just like humans.”

The product bolsters and enhances your dog's diet to get nutrition that may be lacking in their normal feeding routine. The company has 700+ 4.5 star reviews on Amazon and have had a significant impact on 4-legged customers and are on a mission to stamp out the dog meat trade. For more information, please visit the links and assets below.

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