Many motorists require that their vehicles be able to meet all expectations in varying and sometimes adverse conditions. They expect safety, comfort, and easy handling, whether it's on the flat, paved roads of a city or traveling to the rough and rugged parts of the country's wild nature.

A Chrysler City and Country Transmission Control Module (TCM) applies only to automatic vehicles. It is part of the brain of a vehicle, designed to detect existing or potential failures. Computerized control of the various systems relates to the overall efficient performance of the vehicle; for example, the engine and transmission. Gear shifting is regulated and determined by the driving conditions in force at any given time.

In the automatic process of the vehicle brakes and acceleration are excluded, the decisions of the driver. Consequently, a vehicle's performance is influenced by the nature and ability of the driver, a fact that is sometimes overlooked, and the vehicle's mishaps are blamed for error. However, a transmission control module is part of the diagnostic procedure and, to some extent, can compensate for fluctuations in driver performance. Information can be retrieved directly from sensors at various points in the vehicle and the collected data is evaluated and acted upon,

The Chrysler City and Country TCM is associated with various applications on a vehicle. These include driving stability and overdrive activation. It is a system that guarantees that the vehicle works to establish guidelines, under practically all the imaginable conditions that the transmission function may experience. Control of temperature and fluid pressure are part of the designated functions, as well as speed. A computerized system involving the control unit has ample networking capability, the throttle position is determined and the fuel flow is adjusted accordingly to meet different demands.

The year of manufacture recorded for a transmission control unit would determine if it is a stand-alone system or one that is integrated with the Power Train Control Module (PCM). Initiation of the gear change process begins with a solenoid package, which is used to change the flow of hydraulic material through the valve. This is transferred to the various clutches, within the transmission system.

The automatic transmission changed the concept of motorsports and with the costs of this essential method of transportation for millions, constantly increasing; Vehicle manufacturers are constantly being asked to develop new and even more profitable motorsports. The Chrysler Town and Country TCM provides a means for motorists to fully enjoy their vehicles. Many restrictions related to the conditions in which a vehicle can be driven as well as the driver fatigue factor have been removed.

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A Chrysler City and Country TCM