Almost all of us love having a pet. Pets not only sense your emotions beforehand, but they also prove themselves as a promising companion. However, being a pet owner, you might have felt the privilege to pass all hurdles and joy at ease. Hence, show your little companion gratitude by providing security while you move to places with them. Even, being a dog owner, every state has some security compliance that you need to adhere. For example, some essential needs like food, water, jerk proof protection inside the vehicle, and protection from heat and cold needs to be available. So, here are few things you need to stick to.

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Legal obligations: While you are bringing your dog behind your UTE, they can be carried inside with custom Ute cages that ensure safety from external hazards. However, in case of wagons or SUVs, you have to arrange an appropriate trailer that must be tethered or caged to secure them at a position.

Make the journey comfortable for your dog: When you are taking along your dog at the back of the vehicles, they may suffer from stress due to temperature fluctuations. Especially, during the summers in Australia which is proved as being risky to take dogs for an outing especially for long distance travelling. As the car’s interior easily heat up during the summer, it causes an uncomfortable situation leading them to jump out of the car.

• As a best possible solution, hiring a cage along with a harness not only secure them at a position but also protect them from the sudden jerk of your vehicle.
• Also, don’t forget to keep the car’s cooling system on. The roof needs to come with shades, and the sides should be well-ventilated.
• The cage should not be left only with the dog, arrange some water that makes dogs comfortable while staying at a place for long.
• Ensure the right size of the cage to prevent cramping. Local steel dealers in Brisbane can help you manufacturing metal cages as the best protection for your pet.

Possible risks that cause injury to your pet: While driving dogs at the back of moving vehicles without cages, here is the possible risk you may come across.

• Dogs fall off while taking turn or cause jerk
• Dogs try to jump out of vehicles
• While peeping out, dogs can be struck by the passing vehicles

How to prevent the dangers: Ensure safety while carrying dogs at the back of your vehicle by tethering them with cages. It prevents them falling off or injured by the movement. Here are some small details you should keep in mind while securing them with tethers-

• While tethering, ensure the dog should not reach the sides of the vehicle.
• Avoid the long tethers, as it can be strangled around your pet’s neck.
• Use swivels to attach the tether to both dog’s collar and vehicle. It prevents the chain from tangling.
• Avoid using thin rope or twine, as it can cause injuries by tangling the dog with the tether.
• While using the cage, ensure not only a right size, but it also shelters from rain, sun and minimises the exposure from to wind and dust.

Always, remember to restrain your pet adequately while travelling with them inside the vehicle. Unrestrained dogs can cause an accident due to their playful nature. Thus, they not only harm themselves, but the driver too.

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The author Ron Spencer has had experiences with approaching local steel dealers in Brisbane while having relevant information on those who manufacture custom UTE cages.