Do you want to be feminized? Are you a male who desires to feel and look like a female? Well, if you do, I just want to ask you a few more questions. Do you know what feminization hypnosis is? Do you have any idea what is going to happen in the hypnotherapy and who will conduct the hypnosis? Together, let us learn exactly what feminization is all about. Let’s do this separately and accordingly so that you will have a great picture of what it is all about.

According to Wikipedia, feminization was defined based on four areas such as biological, activity, sociology and language. Biologically, feminization is when the female hormones are induced inside of the male’s physical body. Gradually, a man will develop female’s sexual characteristics. Based on activity, feminization is a sexual practice or lifestyle of the male wherein he assumes he’s a female and acts like one. Feminization based in sociology, is when a male is perceived as a female. And feminization of language is the actual process of creating or making a word or name “female.”

There, I hope you have a clearer view of what feminization means. Now, let’s try to describe how hypnosis is being done. Hypnosis is a mental state, which is usually induced by hypnotic induction. This hypnotic induction consists of a series of instructions and suggestions conducted by a hypnotherapist.

And now, let us put the two words together and let us try to understand the meaning of it in a simple way. Hypnotic Feminization is a procedure that is conducted by a hypnotherapist and participated by a patient, mostly men who wanted to be a female. It is where a man is being hypnotized and bombarded with suggestions. Hypnotic Feminization is basically reprogramming the old habits of a male to shift it to new habits that he really wanted, in this case to become a woman. It is said that, by doing this reprogramming, the male will gradually be transformed into a complete woman.

Men could feminize themselves in different ways. They could have sex transplants, take estrogen pill or inject estrogen inside them, or undergo a cosmetic surgery, but all these won’t give them the satisfaction they wanted. It would still make them feel so incomplete. They won’t feel so confident with themselves and might be anxious of who they really are. They have tendencies to doubt themselves and be conscious of what others will say about them. But by undergoing hypnotic feminization, they would slowly and naturally transform into a complete and confident woman that they truly desire.

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