For most people, smoking marijuana is not associated with weight loss. In fact, it just might be the opposite, considering the so-called “munchies.” However, there is evidence to show that smoking weed and juicing raw cannabis leaves can actually be helpful in dieting and weight loss. So should you smoke your heart away and get on with an all-green marijuana weight loss program? Read on and find out.

While it is true that cannabis can produce a food craving known as the munchies, this only happens with some strains. There are many other strains that cause the opposite effect: reducing appetite and giving a desire to be active. A study found that there are certain behavioral differences among people who regularly consume weed compared to those who do not. These differences include an increase in physical mobility, which equates to a more active lifestyle.

One common behavior that leads to obesity is alcohol consumption. Did you know that two beers are equal to two greasy pizza slices? Studies have shown that people who smoke weed have a lower tendency to drink alcohol since they are satisfied with getting high and just chilling. It is not a wonder, therefore, that cannabis can shed off extra pounds.

Aside from the above mentioned, weed has also shown to help relieve stress, which is also a top cause of obesity and death. Also, marijuana consumption can open up the mind to new possibilities, even digging up deep psychological and emotional issues you might be having. These issues may be the same ones that cause binge eating and rapid weight gain. In order to lose weight, confronting the root psychological problem is key.

Top Marijuana Strains for Weight Loss

· Green Crack (Sativa) – This strain produces high-speed mental buzz that allows for lots of focus and energy. A unique sativa that cannot be compared to other marijuana strains, this is a good pick for depression or stress, getting you up and running any time of the day.

· Lamb’s Bread (Sativa) – Giving mental and physical motivation, as well as positive introspection, this strain will calm you down while producing giddiness and happiness. It is different from other sativas in that it does not cause jitters or panicky feelings.

· Grapefruit (Sativa) – This strain will make you a happy and energetic, making it perfect for treating depression, stress, and migraines. At the same time, it also makes you feel motivated and happy. It does not give the munchies, so it is a great choice for weight loss.

· Snowcap (Hybrid) – Well-known for its earthy lemon aroma, this dominant hybrid will immediately bring feelings of joy, happiness, giggles, and laughter, putting you in a good mood and giving you a strong desire to get up and move about.

Keep in mind that the consumption of marijuana is your sole responsibility as a user. Therefore, as with any mind-altering substance, careful discretion must be taken especially for first-time users. It is a good idea to do your research, as well as try different methods and strains, to learn what works best for you. It would also help to take medical advice from a health professional before you start consuming weed for weight loss.

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