It’s never an easy task to master a foreign language like Russian and despite spending every day reading books or in front of the internet for several hours, learners cannot achieve the level of fluency or proficiency they want to reach or perhaps fail to become methodical in their approach. They need expert help or professional assistance to learn the intricacies of the language and fulfill their learning goals.

A Russian Language Course in Kolkata has been curated to coach, guide, and train the learners extensively in the fundamental conversation skills in the Russian language with a focus on all four linguistic areas i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course emphasizes script, morphology, syntactic structure of the language which facilitates learners and makes them at ease with the learning process. The course develops skills such as:

Take part in simple conversations in different day-to-day situations: Our jobs and daily activities may require us to be proficient in the Russian language if we relocate to Moscow. From visiting a local grocery store to a bank to dealing with Russian clients, the course will enable learners to speak fluently and confidently in the Russian language at the personal and business levels and convey their inner feelings and thoughts to people.

Read and understand simple texts: Whether it is books or magazines or any reading materials, by undertaking a program in the Russian language, students can read and understand the texts easily by themselves and without taking help from others.

Write texts, emails, dialogues, descriptions: Apart from reading, the course will facilitate learners to develop solid writing skills in the Russian language and compose texts, emails, dialogues, and descriptions independently.

Advance the creative side of language learning: From complex grammatical structures and lexical items to intricate words and phrases, a Russian language course in Kolkata would make learners adept in every aspect and add to their creative side.

Get the learners introduced to different aspects of life and culture of the people who speak the language: From Russian customs to the origin of different words, learners will be able to delve deep with the learning modules of the program and make them familiar with various facets of the life and people hailing from Russia.

Pursue advanced studies in the Russian language: Russia is an attractive destination for pursuing courses in IT, management, robotics, automation, healthcare, media, law, and others. The course will be useful for those who want to study overseas and relocate to Moscow. Since it is the medium of instruction in many top Russian colleges and universities, and ability to speak in it along with the English language is surely an added advantage.

Pursue careers in the field of the Russian language: The course will open up the gateway to various exciting career avenues such as linguistic translator, tourist guide, flight attendant, customer care agent, trainer, liaison officer, and others. Russian language speakers will be able to stand above the crowd and thrive in the competitive job market with plenty of lucrative opportunities and vacancies.

To sum up, nothing is more satisfying than learning a new language. Seeing the demand for multilingual rising immensely for better job prospects, learning the Russian language by undertaking a course is always beneficial.

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