Are you willing to commit the next 30-90 days to this prayer?
Can you visualize yourself in the place of being with your soul mate?
Are you ready to replace the negative self talk with positive thoughts, words, and actions that will attract your soul mate?
Will you allow God to work through you and guide your life?

If you have answered YES to these questions, then you are ready to receive your soul mate. You have decided to stop attracting troubled relationships, you have done your inner work, and you are ready to release the patterns and overlays that have kept you trapped in relationships that no longer serve you.

Congratulations on your willingness to let go!!
Now is the time to share your love with your significant other.

Dear God,

I give thanks for your presence in my life and for the blessings you have bestowed upon me. I am forever grateful for YOU. Thank you for all the relationships of my past that have helped me to come to this place. Each one of them, have taught me significant lessons about myself. I ask for your assistance in releasing each one of them. Please stand beside me as I let them go.

To Bring
• Something beautiful for you to sit on.
• Candle.
• An altar piece.
• Paper and a pen.
• Pictures, symbols, or something from all your past relationships.
• Three red roses.

To Do
• Go to your sacred place, somewhere that is peaceful. You can sit at your altar if you have one, or possible out in nature.
• Set up an altar and light your candle.
• Write a letter to God, releasing each relationship of your past.
• Write a letter to God, about your significant other.

When you are ready, stand up and one by one, connect with each person of your past, thank him/her for being in your life, humble yourself by exalting this person for the lessons you learned from the relationship. Acknowledge the teaching this person gave you. Take a rose in your hand and release him/her by taking several pedals from the rose, as you let this person go through forgiveness and recognition of the gift you received from this relationship? This can be very difficult for painful relationships of the past, but it is an important step to freeing yourself, from these past patterns and behaviors.

Take a few moments to reflect on this person as you break the ties of the relationship. Breathe deeply and release this person from your life. When you are ready, go on to the next person, and continue on, until you have gone through all your past relationships. When you feel complete, take a few moments to yourself and give thanks for the hard work you have just done.
Congratulations on finding the strength to let go!!

The Prayer
I am most grateful for the realization that I have found within myself. I know I am ready to receive my soul mate, as I feel worthy of this blessing. Please help me to prepare my soul for this other being to come into my life.
• I ask to release the thoughts, words, patterns, and behaviors that keep me from living in peace.
• I ask to be complete with relationships that are out of harmony and balance with my life.
• I ask to align my body, mind, and spirit with the thoughts, words, and actions that allow me to feel worthy.
• I ask to love myself to the fullest capacity so that I can attract this significant person into my life.
• I ask to know without a shadow of doubt, when I meet this person.
• I ask you, dear God, to send me the person you feel would be for my highest good.

I trust and believe in your knowing and your loving support, to bring me this person.

May I always remember…
• My soul mate is here to love, honor, and respect me.
• My soul mate is here to walk by my side.
• My soul mate is here to show me how precious this life journey is.
• My soul mate is here to support me.
• … to remind me that I am not in control.
• … to help me allow YOU to guide my life.
• … to assist me to realize my spiritual work.
• … to reflect my fullest potential.
• … to encourage me when I need encouragement.
• … to hold me when I need to be held.
• … to help me through the pain of my darkest moments.
• … to remind me to live fully in the present moment.
• … here to laugh, to love, and to celebrate this life with me.
• … to help me become a living example of this way.
• … to walk the talk and share this journey with others.

My soul mate is here to be with me as we learn to dance with each other,
through all of life’s adventures.

We give thanks to you, dear God, as YOU shine your light upon us, reflecting our radiance of love out into the world.

May we serve YOU, one another, and all others through this precious LOVE.

Thank you God, and so it is.

Author's Bio: 

Kellyna Kaleolani Campbell is an internationally known workshop leader who has been seen on cable TV with “Positive Living TV” and has been heard across the country on AM talk radio and FM conscious living radio shows. She has worked with teenagers as a sponsor for Unity Church, mentored teens through a Colorado based program, “Let’s Go Live”, and has taught personal growth courses at Sonoma State University and Questa College. Her education includes UCSC (BS), Naropa Institute, International Breath Institute (CBF), California College of Physical Arts (CMT) and Colorado Cranial Institute (CCT). She has committed her life to the path of healing through study and practice. As an intuitive healer with a beautiful heart, Kellyna encourages people to look within themselves to discover their soul’s purpose. Contact information-